Pernille Kjaer

2D animation

year: 2023

format: DCP, HD
duration: 12'28"

production: Martina Scarpelli Studio
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: Denmark


More About the Film

In a farmhouse a woman tries to lure the resident house spirit – a mischievous Nisse – with offerings of food. Spring is just around the corner, but a winter's chill still lingers. During the night as ghosts move through the house, the Nisse slips into the woman's dream. As day breaks he melts away, but something has changed; spring has arrived.


Director, scriptwriter, designer, animator: Pernille Kjaer
Producer: Martina Scarpelli
Sound design and music: Sofie Birch
Additional foley: Thomas Ahlmark
Sound assistant: Alfred Bundgaard
Flute: Ned Ferm
Sound mix: Thomas Richard

Pernille Kjaer (1989) is a Danish independent animation filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist. Former student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus, she completed her studies with a BA in character animation from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Her work includes short animated films, but also prints, painting and sculptures.

Spring (2023), Terra Incognita (2021, co-director with Adrian Dexter), On Ambition, Courtship and Procreation (2019), Longing (2018), Obscure Destinations – Sofie Birch (2018, music video), 27042018 (2018), On Small Things (2018), Basheemoth (2018, episode for FX Network, co-director with Reka Bucsi and Nicole Stafford), Oden Til Kloden (2017), Trespassers (2017), Mammon (2016), Toby (2016), Tiger (2015, graduation film)


Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (5/6-10/6/2023)
Norwegian Short Film Festival Grimstad (7/6-11/6/2023)
Countryside Animafest Cyprus (9/8-12/8/2023)
Odense Film Festival (28/8-2/9/2023)
Fantoche International Animation Festival (5/9-10/9/2023) 
Animanima International Animation Festival (19/9-23/9/2023)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (20/9-24/9/2023) 
Viborg Animation Festival (25/9-1/10/2023)