On Ambition, Courtship and Procreation

Pernille Kjaer

3D animation

year: 2019

format: DCP, HD
duration: 8'35"

production: Late Love Production
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: Denmark


More About the Film

On Ambition, Courtship and Procreation is a film about the cyclic nature of life, love, the universe, and everything. Simple colorful shapes in different constellations perform small tasks in long never-ending loops. Their repetitive and random choreographies express both humor and poetry. It is an abstract representation of the state of being that all living things either endure or enjoy.  

Direction, script, animation, editing: Pernille Kjaer
Computer graphics and compositing: Lars Hemmingsen
Music and sound design: Mads Vadsholt
Producer: Lana Tankosa Nikolić

Pernille Kjaer (Copenhagen, 1989) is an independent animation filmmaker and artist with a Bachelor of Arts degree in character animation. She also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Århus, Denmark. Since graduating from The Animation Workshop in Viborg in 2015 she has made a number of short animated films and other film and art related projects, combining animation, art and music. In between working on her own projects Pernille also works as an animator on other film projects such as Solar Walk by Reka Bucsi. Pernille works with various different mediums, both in her work with film but also in her work with prints, painting and sculpture. She explores various levels of abstraction through colorful and concrete shapes, suggesting an underlying vitality of her strict compositions.


On Ambition, Courtship and Procreation (2019), Longing (2018), Obscure Destinations – Sofie Birch (2018, music video), 27042018 (2018), On Small Things (2018), Basheemoth (2018, episode for FX Network, co-director with Reka Bucsi and Nicole Stafford), Oden Til Kloden (2017), Trespassers (2017), Mammon (2016), Toby (2016), Tiger (2015, graduation film)  


GLAS Animation Festival (21/3-24/3/2019)
VIS Vienna Shorts (28/5-2/6/2019)
ReAnima International Animated Festival, Bergen (14/11-17/11/2019)
Landshut Short Film Festival (25/3-30/3/2020)
Filmfest Dresden (8/9-13/9/2020)