About Us

Bonobostudio is a company specialised in the production and distribution of award-winning animated and experimental films. It was founded in 2008 as a hub for creativity and innovation in experimental animation.


Bonobostudio loves working with talented filmmakers, whether they are beginners or established artists. We are passionate about expressing their visions and in doing so we value high production and artistic standards. We work in a variety of styles and techniques: hand-drawn animation, stop motion, puppet animation, 2D, 3D, mixed media… Our small but flexible studio easily adopts the needs of each specific project and carries it out from development, storyboarding, character design, modelling, puppets and set building, animation to post-production, including compositing, visual effects, stereoscopic 3D… and more!

Promotion & Distribution

Bonobostudio is a proud distributor of great short animated and experimental films. Over the years we have gained quite an experience in film distribution. We have a fast growing international network, so we know which film festival, venue, event, gallery, TV or VOD channel would be the best for each film we promote. We distribute only the films we like ourselves! Consultancy in the fields of film production and distribution is also a part of our daily business: attending film festivals and markets, pitching forums, lectures, curating film programmes… it is all business as usual for Bonobostudio!


Veliki dol 53
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel: +385 1 483 44 45
e-mail: info@bonobostudio.hr

Zagrebačka banka, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10, 10000 Zagreb
IBAN: HR3123600001102371056