World premiere of Porvenir at Oberhausen

Porvenir 2
Renata Poljak’s latest documentary-experimental film Porvenir has been selected for screening in the International Competition of the prestigious International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (May 13–18). Due to circumstances caused by the coronavirus, the festival will be held online.

This year marks the 66th edition of this prestigious festival, however, it remains to be seen which programs, in what format and to what extent, will indeed be organized. Renata Poljak’s Porvenir will have its world premiere at ISFF Oberhausen.       

In Porvenir, the director continues exploring the theme she already dealt with in her earlier works, Partenza and Yet Another Departure, this time focusing on a remote town located at the very southernmost tip of Chile, in Tierra del Fuego, to which her ancestors had sailed, along with many others, in search of a better life. The eternal quest for salvation from poverty, famine and wars, recurring generation after generation, makes the director wonder whether our bodies remember the destinies of our ancestors and whether this is why people keep fleeing in search of a better life.  

So far, 500 films from 70 countries have been selected for screening at this year’s edition of the festival. “We are currently in the process of determining which of our planned programs might be offered online, which ones could be postponed for the coming year and which ones will have to be canceled,” said ISFF Oberhausen Director Lars Henrik Gass.  


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