Renata Poljak

documentary-experimental film

year: 2020

format: HD, DCP
duration: 12'10"

production: REA association
distribution: Bonobostudio

Dreaming of better lands, from generation to generation, because of poverty, hunger and wars, we voyage across the seas.


More About the Film

Geography is destiny. Do our bodies retain the memories of our grandfathers; are memories of running away in search of better lands imprinted on our bodies?

"Porvenir" means "future" in Spanish. Porvenir is the only town in Tierra del Fuego, at the bottom of the world, founded by Croatian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century. 

Director, scriptwriter: Renata Poljak
Director of photography: Boris Poljak
Editing: Damir Čučić
Music: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
Sound design: Iva Ivan
Choreographed and played by Petra Hrašćanec, Renata Poljak
Text and voice-over: Renata Poljak
Color correction: Tomislav Stojanović
Translation: Andrea Rožić, Tomislav Žilić
Producer: Renata Poljak

Renata Poljak (Split, 1974) is a visual artist and filmmaker. She graduated from the Arts Academy in Split, Croatia in 1997 and obtained an MA at École Régionale des Beaux-Arts (Film and Video Department) in Nantes, France in 1999. Her works have been shown at numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions, biennials and film festivals. She received many grants and awards, including the T-HT award – one of the most important contemporary arts awards in Croatia, in 2012. Her residencies include San Francisco Art Institute, Museum Quartier Vienna, Art In General, New York, Cité Internationale des Arts and Recollets in Paris and many others. Her films were screened at the Prospective Cinema at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, in 2010 and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, in 2012.

Porvenir (2020), Yet Another Departure (2019), Partenza (2016), Here&Now (2013), Freedom Is Not Given (2012), Staging Actors/Staging Beliefs (2011), Ruta and the Monument (2007), Great Expectations (2005), No Title (Blue) (2000), Jump (2000), Souvenirs (Tito, tata) (1999), The Consolation (Borders and Frames) (1997), I, the Housewife! (1996)


  • Best Film, Liburnia Film Festival 2020
  • Best Cinematography, Liburnia Film Festival 2020
  • Best Sound Design, Liburnia Film Festival 2020
  • Best Music, Croatian Film Days 2021
  • Best Sound Design, Croatian Film Days 2021


Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (13/5-18/5/2020)
Mediterranean Film Festival Split (2/7-11/7/2020)
Liburnia Film Festival (23/8-28/8/2020)
25 FPS Festival (24/9-27/9/2020) 
Sedicicorto International Film Festival (2/10-11/10/2020)
Film Front International Short Film Festival (29/10-1/11/2020)
Instants Vidéo, Marseille (11/2020)
Experiments in Cinema Festival (1/5-22/5/2021) 
Proyector Video Art Festival, Madrid (8/9-19/9/2021)
Croatian Film Days (12/9-16/9/2021)
Revolutions per Minute Festival (15/10-17/10/2021)