Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions

Dalibor Barić

mixed techniques

year: 2015

format: HD, DCP
duration: 40'

production: Kinoklub Zagreb
distribution: Bonobostudio

A Foundation reporter, Isidor Dukas comes to the Institute to make a report. For the purpose of objective reporting, the Foundation uses agents with induced, synthetic identities. In confrontation with one of the test subjects, what was supposed to be a routine control turns into a never ending maze.


More About the Film

Director, scriptwriter, editor, animator: Dalibor Barić
Music and sound design: Tomislav Babić
Cast: Nikša Marinović, Boris Bakal, Sara Stanić
Producer: Vedran Šuvar

Dalibor Barić (1974) is a multimedia artist. He lives and works in Zagreb. He makes short experimental and animated films, music videos, festival trailers, installations, graphic novels, drawings and cut-outs. He is also a music composer and VJ performer.


Astronaut of Featherweight (2017), Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions (2015), Amnesiac on the Beach (2013), Marienbad First Aid Kit /2013), The Spectres of Veronica (2011), New Hippie Future (2011), Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle (2010), The Mind from Nowhere (2010), The Horror of Dracula (2010), Ghost Porn in Ectoplasm! But How? (2010), Nymph Gloss Atari (2010)


  • Best Script, Days of Croatian Film 2015
  • Best Sound Design, Days of Croatian Film 2015
  • Vedran Šamanović Award, 2015
  • Best Feature Film, Be There! Corfu Animation Festival, 2015
  • Ex-aequo Award, Festival of Different and Experimental Cinema 2016
  • The Sphinx Award for the Best Video, Videomedeja International Video Festival 2016
  • Ex-aequo Award (Included in the List of Important Cinematic Works of the Festival), Alternative Film Video Festival 2016


Days of Croatian Film (23/4-26/4/2015)
Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (9/6-14/6/2015)
Pula Film Festival (18/7-27/7/2015)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival (15/10-18/10/2015)
Animaze – International Animation Film Festival Montreal (18/8-21/8/2016)
Festival of Different and Experimental Cinema, Paris (4/10-16/10/2016)
Videomedeja International Video Festival (21/10-23/10/2016)
InScience – Dutch International Science Film Festival (2/11-6/11/2016)
Alternative Film Video Festival (7/12-11/12/2016)