The Tower

Silvestar Kolbas

experimental film

year: 2019

format: DCP
duration: 11'49"

production: Silvestar Kolbas
distribution: Bonobostudio

As the camera glides along the façade of the former headquarters of Agrokor, until recently the biggest corporation in Croatia, the film reexamines the ways in which socio-economic shifts affect us all.


More About the Film

Agrokor was the largest privately-owned company in Croatia until its crash in 2017. The corporation which once employed 60 thousand workers ended up in debt, the owner is under investigation and the firm was completely restructured. The corporation headquarters were located in the Cibona Tower – one of the symbols of progress and optimism inherited from the socialist times. Weaving the narrative from the mosaic of reflexive units in constant flux, gliding across the Tower’s façade, this film seeks to reveal how changes in the socio-political reality reflect on its citizens. In a country in which crime, politics and business are inextricably linked, how do we find who is responsible for the breakdown of one political system and its worldview? 

Director, director of photography: Silvestar Kolbas
Screenwriters: Damir Čučić, Silvestar Kolbas
Editor: Damir Čučić
Music: Alen Sinkauz, Nenad Sinkauz
Aerial footage: Branko Drakulić, Vladimir Franjić
Colorist: Branko Linta
Producer: Silvestar Kolbas

Silvestar Kolbas (1956) is a Croatian cinematographer, photographer and film director. He graduated in Film and TV Camera in 1982 from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Today he is a full-time professor at the same school. As a cinematographer, he has made several features, shorts, documentaries, TV films and series. He also directed several personal, self-reflective experimental documentaries in which he also reflects on the nature of visual media.

The Tower (2019), Simpl (2017), I Hate Happy People (2014), The Red Star Cinema (2014), Self-portrait V2.1 (2012), The War Reporter (2011), 20 Days on Tibet (2011), All about Eva (2003)


25 FPS Festival (26/9-29/9/2019)
​Crossroads Film Festival, San Francisco (21/8-30/9/2020)
Malatesta Short Film Festival (22/8-30/8/2020) 
Croatian Film Days (16/9-19/9/2020) 
Un festival c'est trop court - Nice Short Film Festival (9/10-16/10/2020)
Experimental Superstars Festival (2/11-3/11/2020)
Arkipel International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival (26/11-15/12/2021)