Still Life with Woman, Tea and Letter

Tess Martin

experimental-animated film

year: 2022

format: DCP, HD
duration: 2'14"

production: Volya Films
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: the Netherlands


More About the Film

A photograph is a window into the past, but sometimes the border between the past and the present is not entirely clear. This stop-motion animation invites us to think about our relationship to time by portraying one woman caught in the middle.

Director, screenwriter: Tess Martin
Director of photography: Matija Pekić
Art director: Iris Schutgevaar
Performers: Iris Schutgevaar, Amy Gale
Lead animator: Marike Verbiest
Assistant animator: Tess Martin
Assistant art director: Felix Dukker
Costumes: Julia Timmerman
Hair & makeup: Radna Berendsen
Sound design and music: Jorick Bronius
Sound mix: Kasper Koudenburg
Title design and poster: Alice Saey
Producers: Fleur Knopperts, Denis Vaslin

Tess Martin is a filmmaker/visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her work is informed by hand-made animation techniques and their potential to explore the human condition. Persistent themes are our place in nature, our relationship to the past, and how memory and perception inform identity. She creates short films, interactive installations and paintings/prints.

Still Life with Woman, Tea and Letter (2022), Orbit (2019), Ginevra (2017), The Lost Mariner (2014), Mario (2014), They Look Right Through You (2013), Hula Hoop (2012), The Whale Story (2012)


  • Honorable Mention, Minimalen Short Film Festival 2024


Netherlands Film Festival (21/9-30/9/2022)
International Encounters Traverse, Toulouse (16/3-31/3/2023)
​Experiments in Cinema Festival (18/4-22/4/2023) 
Animatricks International Animation Festival (18/5-20/5/2023)
Kino Otok - Isola Cinema International Film Festival (7/6-11/6/2023)
Asolo Art Film Festival (14/6-18/6/2023)
ShorTS International Film Festival (1/7-8/7/2023)
Walla Walla Movie Crush, Seattle (7/7-9/7/2023)
Snake Alley Festival of Film (13/7-16/7/2023)
Animaphix International Animated Film Festival (25/7-30/7/2023)
Animation Block Party (18/8-20/8/2023)
Malatesta Short Film Festival (1/9-4-9/2023)
Stoptrik International Film Festival (27/9-1/10/2023)
Revolutions Per Minute Festival (27/9-1/10/2023)
WNDX Festival of Moving Image (4/10-8/10/2023)
Primanima World Festival of First Animations (11/10-14/10/2023) 
Uppsala Short Film Festival (23/10-29/10/2023)
​Feinaki Beijing Animation Week (10/11-13/11/2023)
Canberra Short Film Festival (10/11-26/11/2023)
accordi @ DISACCORDI International Short Film Festival (12/11-19/11/2023)
Amarcort Film Festival (14/11-19/11/2023)
Future Film Festival (15/11-19/11/2023)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (27/11-3/12/2023)
Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival (30/11-3/12/2023)
​Interface Video Art Festival (5/12-10/12/2023)
Alternative Film Video (6/12-9/12/2023)
Minimalen Short Film Festival (23/1-28/1/2024) 
Wide Open Experimental Film Festival (26/4-28/4/2024)