Theodore Ushev

drawing on paper, 2D

year: 2015

format: DCP
duration: 4'20"

production: 9311-8990 Quebec Inc. / Les Productions Unité centrale
distribution: Bonobostudio (international), La Distributrice de films (Canada)

Country of production: Canada


More About the Film

written, directed and animated by Theodore Ushev
music by Kottarashky / Nikola Gruev
music producer: Asphalt Tango / Henry Ernst, Nikola Gruev
sound design: Olivier Calvert
line producers: Dominique Noujeim, Galilé Marion-Gauvin
producer: Theodore Ushev

With the shade around her waist / she dreams on her balcony, […] Under the gypsy moon, / all things are watching her / and she cannot see them.

A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights.

Theodore Ushev (1968) is an animator, graphic designer, illustrator and multimedia artist. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and moved to Montréal in 1999 to explore new media and digital animation. He is the director of award winning films such as Gloria Victoria, Lipsett Diaries, Drux Flux, Tower Bawher and many others.


The Physics of Sorrow (2019), Blind Vaysha (2016), Sonámbulo (2015), Blood Manifesto (2015), Third Page from the Sun (2014), Gloria Victoria (2013), Apart/Joda (2012), Demoni (2012), Nightingales in December (2011), Yannick-Nezet Seguin - No Intermission (2010), Lipsett Diaries (2010), Drux Flux (2008), Sou (2007), Tzartitza (2006), Tower Bawher (2005), The Man Who Waited (2005), Vertical (2004)


  • Special Jury Award, Animafest Zagreb 2015
  • Special Mention, Fest Anca 2015
  • Best Music Award, Animator Poznan 2015
  • Canadian Film Institute Honorable Mention, Ottawa International Animation Festival 2015
  • Special Mention, Multivision International Festival of Animated Arts 2015
  • Alva Costa Award for the Best Short Film up to 5 Minutes, Cinanima Espinho 2015
  • Honorary Distinction, Etiuda&Anima 2015
  • Special Mention, Sommets du cinema d'animation 2015
  • Special Mention, Longue vue sur le court 2015
  • Best Short Animated Film Award, Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2016
  • Special Prize, Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2016

Festivals +

Holland Animation Film Festival (18/3-22/3/2015)
IndieLisboa - Lisbon International Independent Film Festival (23/4-3/5/2015)
Vienna Independent Shorts (26/5-31/5/2015)
Sydney Film Festival (3/6-14/6/2015)
Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (9/6-14/6/2015)
Bit Bang Fest, Buenos Aires, Argentina (13/6/2015)
Annecy International Animation Festival (15/6-21/6/2015)
Melbourne International Animation Festival (16/6-29/6/2015)
Edinburgh International Film Festival (17/6-28/6/2015)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival (24/6-28/6/2015)
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival (4/7-12/7/2015)
ANIMATOR International Animated Film Festival, Poznan (10/7-16/7/2015)
Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (10/7-22/7/2015)
Countryside Animafest Cyprus – Views of the World (13/7-18/7/2015)
Insomnia Animation Festival (16/7-19/7/2015)
New Zealand International Film Festival (16/7-2/8/2015)
Guanajuato International Film Festival (17/7-26/7/2015)
Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (19/8-30/8/2015)
Concorto Film Festival (22/8-29/8/2015)
World Festival of Animated Film, Varna (9/9-13/9/2015)
Animanima International Animation Festival (10/9/-13/9/2015)
Toronto International Film Festival (10/9-20/9/2015)
Milano Film Festival (10/9-20/9/2015)
Split Film Festival (12/9-19/9/2015)
Lille International Short Film Festival (14/9-20/9/2015)
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (15/9-20/9/2015)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (16/9-20/9/2015)
Festival du cinéma de la ville de Québec (16/9-27/9/2015)
KROK International Animated Film Festival (20/9-28/9/2015)
Carrousel International du film de Rimouski (22/9-27/9/2015)
Vancouver International Film Festival (24/9-9/10/2015)
Animatou International Animation Festival (1/10-11/10/2015)
Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (2/10-9/10/2015)
Anim'est International Animation Film Festival (2/10-11/10/2015)
Tofuzi International Festival of Animated Films (5/10-10/10/2015)
Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival (6/10-11/10/2015)
3D Wire (7/10-11/10/2015)
Sapporo International Short Film Festival (7/10-12/10/2015)
Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal (7/10-18/10/2015)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival (15/10-18/10/2015)
Uppsala International Short Film Festival (19/10-25/10/2015)
Videomedeja International Video Festival (23/10-25/10/2015)
Bucheon International Animation Festival (23/10-27/10/2015)
ReAnimania International Animation Festival (24/10-30/10/2015)
Multivision International Festival of Animated Arts (24/10-30/11/2015)
DOK Leipzig - International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (26/10-1/11/2015)
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (31/10-3/11/2015)
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (3/11-8/11/2015)
St. Louis International Film Festival (5/11-15/11/2015)
Manchester Animation Festival (17/11-19/11/2015)
CutOut Fest, Mexico (12/11-15/11/2015)
Cinanima International Animated Film Festival, Espihno (12/11-15/11/2015)
L'Alternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival (16/11-22/11/2015)
Sequence International Short Film Festival (18/11-22/11/2015)
Court c'est Court, Cabrières d'Avignon (18/11-22/11/2015)
Longue vue sur le court International Short Film Festival, Montréal (21/11-29/11/2015)
Etiuda&Anima International Film Festival (24/11-27/11/2015)
Sommets du cinema d'animation Montreal (25/11-29/11/2015)
Anilogue International Animation Festival (25/11-29/11/2015)
Les Nuits Magiques International Animated Film Festival (2/12-13/12/2015)
London International Animation Festival (4/12-13/12/2015)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (7/12-13/12/2015)
Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione (14/12-28/12/2015)
Children’s Film Festival Seattle (21/1-31/1/2016)
Japan Media Arts Festival (3/2-14/2/2016)
Anima - International Animation Film Festival, Brussels (5/2-14/2/2016)
Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois (18/2-27/2/2016)
Animac International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia (25/2-28/2/2016)
GLAS Animation Festival (3/3-6/3/2016)
Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival (3/3-13/3/2016)
Ann Arbor Film Festival (15/3-20/3/2016)
Tokyo Anime Award Festival (18/3-21/3/2016)
Sarasota Film Festival (1/4-10/4/2016)
Flatpack Film Festival (19/4-24/4/2016)
VAFI - International Children and Youth Festival Varaždin (19/4-24/4/2016)
Kyiv International Shot Film Festival (20/4-24/4/2016)
KIKI - International Film Festival for Children, Zabok (25/4-28/4/2016)
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (26/4-1/5/2016)
Leiden International Short Film Experience (29/4-30/4/2016)
Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films (3/5-8/5/2016)
Future Film Festival (3/5-8/5/2016) 
NW Animation Festival (9/5-15/5/2016)
Plein la Bobine International Film Festival for Young People (11/6-17/6/2016)
Best of Short Films Festival, La Ciotat (6/7-10/7/2016)
Traverse City Film Festival (26/7-31/7/2016)
Zabut International Animated Short Film Festival (29/7-31/7/2016)
Tochka Dostupa Contemporary Art Festival, St. Petersburg (7/8/2016)
Hiroshima International Animation Festival (18/8-22/8/2016)
Turku Animated Film Festival (25/8-28/8/2016)
Ars Electronica Festival (8/9-12/9/2016)
International Film Festival on Disability, Cannes (16/9-21/9/2016)
Animasivo Contemporary Animation Festival (28/9-1/10/2016)
Animated Film Festival Bourg en Bresse (19/10-23/10/2016)
Riga International Film Festival (20/10-23/10/2016)
Savannah Film Festival (22/10-29/10/2016)
Wiesbaden Animation Festival (27/10-30/10/2016)
Tehran International Short Film Festival (8/11-14/11/2016)
Animage International Animation Festival (22/11-27/11/2016)
Mediawave – Another Connection International Film and Music Festival (27/4-1/5/2017)

TV broadcast

Canal+ Spain
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