Dustin Rees

2D animation

year: 2020

format: DCP
duration: 10'40"

production: Virage Film
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: Switzerland


More About the Film

An electrician follows his nightly routine setting up signs in the city. He goes through life unnoticed and out of touch with the world, until he realises which signs he should be paying attention to.

Director, scriptwriter: Dustin Rees
Producer: Saskia von Virág
Animation: Dustin Rees, Yael Schärer, Jonathan Wüst
Editing: Dustin Rees, Fee Liechti
Music: Olav Lervik
Sound design: Loïc Kreyden, Thomas Gassmann
Sound mastering: Guido Keller, Magnetix
Foley: Dieter Hebben
Sign-design: Barney Rees
Compositing: Dustin Rees, Stefan Holaus
Colour grading / lab: Rolf Lang / Redsmoke
Production: Virage Film
In co-production with: SRF Swiss Radio and Television

Zurich-born Dustin Rees (1981) grew up in the UK before returning to Switzerland in 1991. Following his love for animation he graduated at the Lucerne School of Art and Design (HSLU) in 2007. He has since directed and produced numerous commissioned trailers, clips and short films, as well as executing his own projects. He teaches at the HSLU, runs film and animation workshops, and is a film projectionist in various cinemas. Dustin's previous animated short films have been screened at numerous international film festivals.

Signs (2020), Ransom (2012), Borderline (2011), The Bellinger (2007), The Cleaner (2006)


  • Special Mention, Countryside Animafest Cyprus 2020
  • Audience Award in Swiss Competition, Fantoche International Animation Film Festival 2020
  • Audience Award in Animation Competition, Solothurner Filmtagen 2021
  • Best Swiss Short Film, Gässli Film Festival 2022

Festivals +

Shanghai International Film Festival (25/7-2/8/2020) 
Countryside Animafest Cyprus, International Animation Festival (9/8-12/8/2020)
Hiroshima International Animation Festival (20/8-24/8/2020) 
Fantoche International Animation Film Festival (1/9-5/9/2020) 
Encounters Film Festival (18/9-11/10/2020)
Animatou International Animation Film Festival (1/10-10/10/2020)
Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival (24/10-28/10/2020)
Big Cartoon Festival (29/10-9/11/2020) 
Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (3/11-8/11/2020) 
Anim'est International Animation Film Festival (9/11-15/11/2020)
Soria International Film Festival (12/11-22/11/2020)
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (20/11-23/11/2020)
Anilogue International Animation festival (25/11-29/11/2020) 
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (30/11-6/12/2020) 
Sommets du cinema d'animation Montreal (1/12-6/12/2020)
Solothurner Filmtagen (20/1-27/1/2021)
Petit Plan: Europa II, Athens (1/2-5/2/2021)
Lebu International Film Festival (13/3-21/3/2021)
Toronto Animation Art International Festival (24/3-27/3/2021)
Plein la Bobine Film Festival (8/6-18/6/2021) 
Huesca International Film Festival (11/6-19/6/2021) 
Festival du film d'animation de Savigny (12/6/2021) 
Diversions International Short Film Festival (2/7-5/7/2021)
ONE Country ONE Film International Festival (2/7-11/7/2021)
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (15/7-19/7/2021) 
DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival (4/8-14/8/2021)
La Guarimba Film Festival (7/8-12/8/2021)
LINOLEUM International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-art (1/9-5/9/2021)
Best of International Short Films Festival, La Ciotat (28/9-3/10/2021)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival (1/10-10/10/2021) 
Anima Cordoba International Animation Festival (4/10-8/10/2021)
Canlandıranlar Film Festival (18/10-24/10/2021) 
Reggio Film Festival (26/10-21/11/2021) 
Film Front International Short Film Festival, Novi Sad (28/10-31/10/2021) 
Horwer Filmnacht (30/10/2021)
Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2/11-7/11/2021)
Tübingen-Stuttgart International Francophone Film Festival (3/11-10/11/2021)
Animanima International Animation Festival (4/11-6/11/2021)
Chicago International Children's Film Festival (5/11-14/11/2021)
​​Canberra Short Film Festival (10/11-24/11/2021)
GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation (19/11-28/11/2021) 
Feinaki Beijing Animation Week (7/12-12/12/2021) 
Indie-Lincs Film Festival, Lincoln (18/2-19/2/2022) 
Tehran International Animation Festival (5/3-9/3/2022)
Mecal Pro Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival (24/3-10/4/2022)
ClujShorts International Short Film Festival (1/4-10/4/2022) 
Cardiff Animation Festival (7/4-10/4/2022) 
Landshut Short Film Festival (27/4-2/5/2022) 
Alpinale Short Film Festival (9/8-13/8/2022) 
Gässli Film Festival (24/8-28/8/2022) 
Bang Awards International Animated Film Festival (27/8-28/8/2022)