Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle

Dalibor Barić


year: 2010

format: Digital Betacam
duration: 4'04"

production: Dalibor Barić
distribution: Bonobostudio

concept, realization, music: Dalibor Barić


More About the Film

Pain is slowed down in slow motion up to the sensitivity threshold and is sold as an everyday anesthetic. We browse through ready-made catalogues of horror, instructions for use, we order attractive ideas-images; we wish to leave our bodies and become that image for a change. Watching a film, we forget about ourselves pretending not to be interested in the content; in fact, we are interested in the hypnotising, pulsating light, which is when we discover our magical and tribal conscience and repressed fear of life. (Dalibor Barić)

Dalibor Barić (1974) is a multimedia artist. He lives and works in Zagreb. He makes short animated and experimental films, music videos, festival trailers, installations, graphic novels, drawings and cut-outs. He is also a music composer and VJ performer.

Selected works

Astronaut of Featherweight (2017), Unknown Energies, Unidentified Emotions (2015); Amnesiac on the Beach (2013); The Spectres of Veronica (2011); New Hippie Future (2011); Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle (2010); The Mind from Nowhere (2010); The Horror of Dracula (2010); Ghost Porn in Ectoplasm! But How? (2010); Nymph Gloss Atari (2010)

Festivals +

25 FPS Festival (21/9-26/9/2010)
Days of Croatian Film (4/4-9/4/2011)
Filmfest Dresden – International Short Film Festival (12/4-17/4/2011)
EMAF – European Media Art Festival (27/4-1/5/2011)
2ANNAS International Short Film Festival (23/5-28/5/2011)
L'Étrange Festival (2/9-11/9/2011)
International Short film Festival Lille (18/10-23/10/2011)
Eyeworks Festival, Chicago (5/11-6/11/2011)
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (8/11-30/11/2011)
Festival Tous Courts (5/12-10/12/2011)
Alternative Film Video Festival (7/12-11/12/2011)
Festival Premiers Plans (20/1-29/1/2012)
transmediale Berlin (31/1/-5/2/2012)
Experimental Film Festival Portland (22/5-27/5/2012)
Imagem-Contato Festival, Sao Paulo (20/7-29/7/2012)
Open Cinema International Short and Animation Film Festival, St. Petersburg (27/7-3/8/2012)
KLEX Experimental Film Festival (21/11-25/11/2012)
VIDEOMEDEJA International Video Festival (14/12-16/12/2012)
Xcèntric - Exquisite Collage Festival, Barcelona (10/1-13/1/2013)
Traverse Video, Toulouse (17/3-31/3/2014)