Nod. Wink. Horse.

Ollie Magee

stop motion, cut out, paint on cel

year: 2020

format: DCP
duration: 4'42"

production: Royal College of Art
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: United Kingdom


More About the Film

A film behind a horse. Obscuring the narrative. Self sabotage.

Director, scriptwriter, animator, editor, sound designer: Ollie Magee
Production Assistants: David Crump, Ciara Kerr, Dermot Lynskey, John Summerson 
Voices: Dimitris Armenakis, Camille Gibut, John Summerson 
Sound Mix: Mike Wyeld
Music used: Yun Yun - Yong Du Chunxiao 
School: Royal College of Art

Ollie Magee is a Northern Irish filmmaker. Ollie settled in England to study animation at the Bristol School of Animation, and later the Royal College of Art in London. A background in painting and music. Drawn to ideas around anti narrative and structuralist film. 

Nod. Wink. Horse. (2020, graduation film), La Façade (2018, student film), We As Child (2018, animation director), Fall (2016, student film)


Nomination for British Animation Awards 2020


Ann Arbor Film Festival (24/3-29/3/2020) 
Edinburgh International Film Festival (2020)
Hiroshima International Animation Festival (20/8-24/8/2020) 
Fantoche International Animation Film Festival (1/9-5/9/2020)
Encounters Film Festival (18/9-11/10/2020)
Animatou International Animation Film Festival (1/10-10/10/2020)
Balkanima European Animated Film Festival (6/10-11/10/2020)
Videomedeja International Video Festival (8/10-10/10/2020)
Stoptrik International Film Festival (8/10-11/10/2020)