Simon Bogojević Narath

3D animation

year: 2008

format: 35mm
duration: 12'40"

production: Kenges
distribution: Bonobostudio

In folklore, Morana is the ancient Slavic godess of evil, death, darkness, underworld, personification of winter. Etimology of the word MORA denotes a nightmarish dream, misery, extermination.


More About the Film

script, director, design: Simon Bogojević Narath
lead animator: Kristijan Dulić
music and sound design: Hrvoje Štefotić
additional animation: Darko Kokić, Goran Mitrović
executive producer: Vanja Andrijević
producers: Ivan Ratković, Lado Skorin
in association with: Autour de minuit

After running through a misty, desolate landscape, a solitary hunter spends a rainy night in a shelter on top of a steep cliff. He dreams...

In a war-torn megalopolis, a business man runs to a crowded shelter. Sitting on a bench in a smoke-filled hallway, he notices an intriguing red-haired woman. Do the hunter and the business man have something in common?

Simon Bogojević Narath (1968) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department in Zagreb. He first started working on experimental films and video-installations and since 1993 is involved in 2D and 3D computer animation. His short animated and experimental films were screened and awarded at numerous international festivals. He teaches animation at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.


Flower of Battle (2011), Morana (2008), Leviathan (2006), Plasticat (2003), Bardo Thodol (2000), Hand of the Master (1995)


  • Best Animated Film - Oktavijan Award (Days of Croatian Film 2008)
  • Best Music Award (Days of Croatian Film 2008)
  • Special Distinction (International Animated Film Festival, Annecy 2008)
  • Diploma for special achievement in 3D animation (ASIFA - Day of Croatian Animation 2008)
  • Best Non Dialogue Film (Sapporo international Short Film Festival 2009)


Festivals +

Days of Croatian Film, Zagreb, Croatia (25/3-30/3/2008)
Animafest - World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb, Croatia (31/5-5/6/2008)
International Animated Film Festival, Annecy, France (9/6-14/6/2008)
Tabor Film Festival, Desinic, Croatia (11/7-19/7/2008)
European Film Festival Palic, Subotica, Serbia (19/7-25/7/2008)
Pula Film Festival, Croatia (19/7-26/7/2008)
Motovun Film Festival, Croatia (28/7-1/8/2008)
International Animation Festival Hiroshima (7/8-11/8/2008)
International Short and Animated Film Festival Open Cinema, Saint Petersburg (8/8-17/8/2008)
Sarajevo Film Festival (15/8-23/8/2008)
Concorto Film Festival, Italy (27/8-31/8/2008)
Animanima, Cacak, Serbia (10/9-13/9/2008)
Split Film Festival, Croatia (13/9-20/9/2008)
Effet Stars, Grau Du Roi, France (25/09–28/09/2008)
SITGES International Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain (2/10-12/10/2008)
Anim'est International animation film festival, Bucharest (3/10-12/10/2008)
Balkanima, Belgrade, Serbia (7/10-11/10/2008)
Curtocircuito, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (17/10-24/10/2008)
Ourense International Film Festival, Spain (11/10-18/10/2008)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival, Norway (22/10-26/10/2008)
Tindirindis, Vilnius, Lithuania (23/10-26/10/2008)
DOK Leipzig - International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film, Germany (27/10-2/11/2008)
Utopiales, Nantes, France (29/10–2/11/2008)
Amiens International Film Festival, France (7/11–16/11/2008)
Animpact, Korea (17/11-21/11/2008)
Animated Dreams, Tallin, Estonia (19/11-23/11/2008)
I Castelli Animati, Genzano di Roma, Italy (26/11-30/11/2008)
Anilogue – International Animation Festival, Budapest  / Vienna (27/11-3/12/2008)
Nuits Magiques, Bègles, France (3/12-4/12/2008)
Animateka International Animation Film Festival, Ljubljana (8/12-14/12/2008)
Göteborg International Film Festival (23/1-2/2/2009)
Future Film Festival, Bologna, Italy (27/1-1/2/2009)
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France (30/1-7/2/2009)
Japan Media Arts Festival (4/2-15/2/2009)
Anima 2009 – Brussels Animation Film Festival (20/2-28/2/2009)
Tehran International Animation Festival (1/3-5/3/2009)
Cairo International Film Festival for Children (5/3-12/3/2009)
SFF-rated - International Sci-fi and Fantasy Film Festival, Athens (12/3-18/3/2009)
Cape Winelands Film Festival, South Africa (20/3-29/3/2009)
Animabasauri, Bilbao, Spain (20/3-27/3/2009)
Cortoons, Rome, Italy (25/3-29/3/2009)
Mecal International Short Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain (27/3-5/4/2009)
Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (15/4-26/4/2009)
La Fête de l'Animation, Lille, France (16/4-20/4/2009)
China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (25/4-3/5/2009)
AniFest, Trebon / Teplice, Czech Republic (1/5-10/5/2009)
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Films (5/5-10/5/2009)
DiBa – Digital Barcelona Film Festival (17/5-24/5/2009)
Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad (10/6-15/6/2009)
Kecskemet Animation Film Festival, Hungary (17/6-21/6/2009)
Melbourne International Animation Festival (22/6-28/6/2009)
International Film Festival TOFIFEST, Torun, Poland (26/6-3/7/2009)
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro / Sao Paulo (10/7-26/7/2009)
Tel Aviv Animation Festival (19/8-22/8/2009)
Chungmuro International Film Festival, Seoul, Korea (24/8-3/9/2009)
Animation Now! Festival, Gdansk, Poland (26/8-30/8/2009)
London International Animation Festival (28/8-6/9/2009)
Wine Country Film Festival, USA (17/9-27/9/2009)
Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece (21/9-26/9/2009)
Sapporo International Short Film Festival, Japan (14/10-18/10/2009)
TOFUZI International Festival of Animated Films, Batumi, Georgia (15/10-18/10/2009)
La Boca del Lobo, Madrid, Spain (21/10-30/10/2009)
Granada International Young Filmmakers Festival, Spain, (24/10-31/10/2009)
Big Cartoon Festival, Moscow (28/10-8/11/2009)
Xiamen Animation Festival (1/11-5/11/2009)
Braunschweig Int'l Film Festival, Germany (10/11-15/11/2009)
Expotoons, Buenos Aires (25/11-28/11/2009)
International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision, St. Petersburg (5/12-11/12/2009)
Animasivo, Ciudad de Mexico (17/3-28/3/2010)
Banja Luka International Animated Film festival (22/10-27/10/2010)
Cortoportere Short Film Festival, Bergamo, Italy (24/10-31/10/2010)