Vergine Keaton

cut-outs, 2D / 3D animation

year: 2009

format: 35mm / 1:1.85
duration: 9'10"

production: 25 Films
distribution: Bonobostudio

Country of production: France


More About the Film

original title:  Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle

director, script, graphics, editing: Vergine Keaton
animation and compositing: Anna Khmelevskaya
music: Vale Poher
producer: Pascaline Saillant

Vergine Keaton (1981) studied graphic design and cinema and works today as a freelance illustrator and director. She draws for press, musical productions and theatre. In 2008, she joined 25 Films production and made her first short film I was crying out at life. Or for it.

In the forest, the herd of deer turns against the hound dogs that have been chasing them so far. From this unusual chase, new landscapes arise from the ground. This collage drama was made after an idea from a 19th century engraving.


  • Jury diploma (Open Cinema, Saint Petersburg 2009)
  • Grand Prix non-narrative short (Holland Animation Film Festival 2009)
  • Best Original Music (International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand 2010)
  • Diploma of Merit (Tampere Film Festival 2010)
  • Best Soundtrack (Athens Animfest 2010)
  • Special Mention (Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Bucharest 2010)
  • Best Short Film (International Film Festival Cine-Jeune de l’Aisne, Saint Quentin 2010)
  • Prize of the Press (Festival national de cinéma d'animation, Bruz 2010)
  • Emile Raynaud Award given by the members of AFCA -Association française du cinéma d'animation (Festival national de cinéma d'animation, Bruz 2010)


Festivals +

Un festival c’est trop court, Nice, France (14/4-19/4/2009)
Festival de court métrage d'Altkrich, France (23/4-27/4/2009)
International Animated Film Festival Annecy, France (8/6-13/6/2009)
Cannes Film Festival (ACID selection) (13/5-14/5/2009)
International Short and Animated Film Festival Open Cinema, Saint Petersburg (7/8-15/8/2009)
Sarajevo Film Festival (New Currents selection) (12/8-20/8/2009)
Festival Silhouette, Paris (29/8-6/9/2009)
Troia International Film Festival, Setubal, Portugal (4/9-13/9/2009)
25 FPS International Experimental Film Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (22/9-27/9/2009)
International Festival of Francophone Film & Video in Acadie, Moncton, Canada (24/9-3/10/2009)
Imago International Youth Film Festival, Fundao, Portugal (26/9-5/10/2009)
Cinéssonne – European Film Festival, Essonne, France (9/10-24/10/2009)
International Festival of New Cinema, Montréal (7/10-18/10/2009)
Bolzano Short Film Festival, Italy (11/11-15/11/2009)
Animation Film Festival Animated Dreams, Tallin, Estonia (18/11-22/11/2009)
Holland Animation Film Festival, Utrecht (4/11-8/11/2009)
I Castelli Animati - International Animated Film Festival, Italy (25/11-29/11/2009)
International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision, St. Petersburg (5/12-11/12/2009)
Animateka Festival, Ljubljana (7/12-13/12/2009)
Rythmetic International Festival of Experimental Animation, Bègles, France, (18/1-31/1/2010)
Stuttgarter Filmwinter (21/1-24/1/2010)
Festival Premiers Plans, Angers, France (22/1-31/1/2010)
Les Inattendus - Festival of Independent Film, Lyon (25/1-31/1/2010)
International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand, France (29/1-6/2/2010)
Image par image - Festival du cinema d’animation, Val d’Oise, France (12/2-6/3 2010)
Tampere Film Festival, Finland (10/3-14/3/2010)
Athens AnimFest (11/3-14/3/2020)
Monstra Animated Film Festival, Lisbon (11/3-21/3/2010)
Festival du film merveilleux, Paris (24/3-27/3/2010)
Festival international des scénaristes, Bourges, France (24/3-28/3/2010)
International Film Festival Breda, Netherlands (24/3-28/3/2010)
Mecal International Short Film Festival, Spain, (9/4-18/4/2010)
Biennale internationale de l’image, Nancy, France (17/4-7/5/2010)
Animabasauri – Animabasque, Bilbao, Spain (23/4-30/4/2010)
Festival de court métrages franco-argentins, Mendoza, Argentina (7/5-9/5/2010)
La lanterne magique, St Denis de la Réunion (7/5-12/5/2010)
Animafest – World Festival of Animated Films, Zagreb, Croatia (1/6-6/6/2020)
Tabor Film Festival, Zabok, Croatia (30/6-4/7/2010)
Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo (16/7-1/8/2010)
Era New Horizons International Film Festival, Wroclaw (22/7-1/8/2010)
Expresion En Corto International Film Festival, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico (23/7-1/8/2010)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Bratislava (30/7-1/8/2010)
MoliseCinema Film Festival, Casacalenda, Italy (3/8-8/8/2010)
International Animation Festival Hiroshima (7/8-11/8/2010)
Tel Aviv Animation Film Festival (17/8-21/8/2010)
London International Animation Festival (27/8-5/9/2010)
Les Instants Vidéo, Marseille / Martigues, France (3/9-20/12/2010)
Vox Feminae Festival, Zagreb, Croatia (16/9-19/9/2010)
Balkanima European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade (5/10-9/10/2010)
Anim’est International Animation Film Festival, Bucharest (8/10-17/10/2010)
FIA – Forum for International Animation, Stockholm (13/10-17/10/2010)
International Film Festival Cine-Jeune de l’Aisne, Saint Quentin, France (15/10-22/10/2010)
Banja Luka International Animated Film festival (22/10-27/10/2010)
Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival, Vilnius (25/10-30/10/2010)
Instant Video, Marseille (5/11-14/11/2010)
Ljubljana International Film Festival (10/11-21/11/2010)
Big Cartoon Festival (Winners section), Moscow (November 2010)
Animation Mostra Animatic, Pamplona, Spain (November 2010)
International Film Festival Etiuda & Anima, Krakow (19/11-25/11/2010)
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Leiden International Short Film Festival, Netherlands (16/6/2011)
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GIRAF Animation Festival, Calgary, Canada (2/11-6/11/2011)