Daniel Gray

2D animation

year: 2020

format: DCP, HD
duration: 11'

production: La Cellule Productions, CUB Animation, The National Film Board of Canada
distribution: Bonobostudio, La Cellule Productions, CUB Animation, The National Film Board of Canada

Countries of production: France, Hungary, Canada


More About the Film

Two brothers entertain themselves with a game of hide and seek. As one counts, the other hides in a small cabinet. Seconds pass… then minutes… years… and decades. HIDE is a heartrending and prescient story about family and disconnect, in a world that is increasingly fragmented and unrecognizable.

Director, screenwriter, editor: Daniel Gray
Sound Design: Olivier Calvert
Animation: Daniel Gray, Margot Barbé, Benoit Michelet, Islena Neira, Théo Sigot
Cast/Voices: Ryan Hill, Mihály Áron Zima, Amir Sám Nakhjavani, Marcell Miklós, Chris Cottrell, László Kövesdi, Chimwemwe Miller
Producers: Marion Barré, Soyo Giaoui (La Cellule Productions), Bella Szederkényi, Bálint Farkas Gelley (CUB Animation), György Czutor (Official Films), Maral Mohammadian (NFB)
Executive Producer: Michael Fukushima (NFB)


Daniel Gray studied Fine Art at the University of Wales Cardiff. His graduation short film, t.o.m. (2006), collected awards from Ottawa, Annecy, and Sundance. His next film, teeth (2015), which tells the life story of a man through the history of teeth also won numerous awards. In addition to the music video Constant Growth Fails (2017), Gray has directed many commissioned works. He has also served as a visiting lecturer at universities, and has led a number of creative animation workshops. His most recent film, Hide, is co-produced by La Cellule, CUB Animation, and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

Hide (2020), teeth (2015), t.o.m. (2006)


  • Jury's Special Mention in Canadian Competition, Sommets du cinema d'animation Montreal, 2020
  • Special Mention in the Short Film Category, International Independent Film Festival – BAFICI, 2021
  • Special Mention, Friss Hús International Short Film Festival 2021
  • Don Quixote Award, Krakow Film Festival 2021
  • Jury Award for the best European film, Krakow Film Festival 2021
  • Special Award, Animafest Zagreb 2021
  • Special Jury Award for the Short Films (Koji Yamamura), New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2021
  • Grand Prize, Festival de Cinéma d'Animation de Pontarlier 2021
  • Best Film in Main Competition, Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione 2021
  • Special Jury Mention (Igor Hofbauer), Animateka International Animated Film Festival 2021
  • Pont d’Or Grand Prize, Festival de Cinéma d'Animation de Pontarlier 2021
  • Special Mention, Supertoon International Animation Festival 2022
  • ​Best Animated Film, Polish International Film Festival 2022
  • European Film Awards 2021 - Short Film Candidate


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Sommets du cinema d'animation Montreal (1/12-6/12/2020) 
Clermont-Ferrand International Animation Festival (29/1-6/2/2021) 
Tokyo Anime Award Festival (12/3-15/3/2021) 
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