Flower of Battle

Simon Bogojević Narath

3D animation

year: 2011

format: 35mm
duration: 19'30"

production: Bonobostudio
distribution: Bonobostudio

The film is inspired by the motifs from the books “Flower of Battle” by Fiore dei Liberi from 1410 and “A Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu” by Maurice Joly from 1864 (translated by Frane Cetinić Petris).


More About the Film

script, direction, design: Simon Bogojević Narath
lead animator, 3D character animation: Nikola Radović
3D character animation: David Lovrić
additional animation: Ognjen Tutek, Darko Vidačković, Natko Stipaničev
additional modeling: Majda Džanić, Moritz Mayerhofer, Goran Mitrović, Milivoj Popović, Marijan Katić
translation: Etami Borjan, Alan Križanić, Andy Jelčić
voices: Zlatko Burić, Romina Vitasović, Vilim Matula, Iva Šulentić
music and sound design: Hrvoje Štefotić
producer: Vanja Andrijević

The Arcadian atmosphere of a hazy underworld hosts unusual characters: an Illusionist, a Civil Entity, a Wooden Puppet and a silent, but dangerous Swordsmen. Their mysterious experiences are an allegory of the relationship between the now extinct tradition of European combat swordsmanship and the doctrine of pragmatic political action.

Is the end of the allegory also a beginning of an instructive misunderstanding?

Simon Bogojević Narath (1968) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Painting Department in Zagreb. He first started working on experimental films and video-installations and since 1993 is involved in 2D and 3D computer animation. His short animated and experimental films were screened and awarded at numerous international festivals. He teaches animation at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.


Flower of Battle (2011), Morana (2008), Leviathan (2006), Plasticat (2003), Bardo Thodol (2000), Hand of the Master (1995)


  • Best Animated Film Award, Days of Croatian Film 2011
  • Special Mention, Animateka Ljubljana 2011
  • Best Film Award, Croatian Animated Film Festival 2012
  • Best Music Award, Croatian Animated Film Festival 2012


Festivals +

Days of Croatian Film (4/4-9/4/2011)
Tabor Film Festival (8/6-12/6/2011)
Supertoon International Animation Festival (31/7-4/8/2011)
Anibar International Animation Festival (24/8-28/8/2011)
Animanima International Animation Festival (7/9-10/9/2011)
Split Film Festival (10/9-17/9/2011)
Balkanima Animated Film Festival (4/10-8/10/2011)
Anim'est International Animation Film Festival (7/10-16/10/2011)
Banja Luka International Animated Film Festival (23/10-27/10/2011)
Istanbul Animation Festival (22/11-27/11/2011)
Festival Tous Courts, Aix-en-Provence (5/12-10/12/2011)
Animateka International Animation Film Festival (5/12-11/12/2011)
Fantasporto International Film Festival (24/2-3/3/2012)
Athens Animfest (1/3-7/3/2012)
SFF Rated Athens (7/3-14/3/2012)
Croatian Animated Film Festival (24/3-25/3/2012)
Curtocircuito International Short Film Festival (2/5-11/5/2012)
Animabasauri / Animabasque International Animated Film Festival (25/5-31/5/2012)
Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (29/5-3/6/2012)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival (28/6-1/7/2012)
Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (4/10-14/10/2012)
Multivision Festival, St. Petersburg (1/11-4/11/2012)
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival (4/4-7/4/2013)