Fakofbolan: Forever or Never?

Jelena Oroz

2D animation

year: 2013

format: HD
duration: 2'50"

production: Jelena Oroz
distribution: Bonobostudio

Music video for Croatian punk band Fakofbolan.


More About the Film

director, animator, editor: Jelena Oroz
additional animation: Ivan Košutić
music: Fakofbolan
label: PDV

Everyday routine can be a good retreat but what happens when we realise that safety is only a cover-up? What happens when we realise that we are born and live only to serve one purpose? This is a song about a little man, one of many.

Jelena Oroz (1987) graduated with a BA in Fine Arts Education from the Academy of Arts in Osijek. In 2014, she obtained her MA degree in Animated Film and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she now works as a tenured professor. Jelena’s films have screened at numerous festivals around the world and won many awards.


No Room (2024), Letters From the Edge of the Forest (2022), Two for Two (2018), Wolf Games (2015, graduation film), Forever or Never (2013, music video), Comeback (2012, student film), Waiting Room (2011, student film)


Best Animated Music Clip, ReAnimania International Animation Festival 2014


Flatpack Film Festival (20/3-30/3/2014)
Days of Croatian Film (22/4-27/4/2014)
Animasivo, Mexico (23/7-27/7/2014)
Supertoon International Animation Festival (27/7-1/8/2014)
Anima’Zik, Begles (24/9-28/9/2014)
Anim’est International Animation Festival (3/10-12/10/2014)
London International Animation Festival (24/10-2/11/2014)
ReAnimania International Animation Festival Yerevan (25/10-31/10/2014)
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (4/11-9/11/2014)
CutOut Fest International Animation Festival (13/11-16/11/2014)
Bradford Animation Festival (17/11-22/11/2014)
Anilogue International Animation Festival (19/11-23/11/2014)
Bogota International Short Film Festival (2/12-9/12/2014)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (8/12-14/12/2014)
Tricky Women Festival (Croatian Animation Programme), (11/3-15/3/2015)
Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival (12/3-22/3/2015)
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (5/5-10/5/2015)
Anibar International Animation Festival (20/8-26/8/2015)
KROK International Animated Film Festival (20/9-28/9/2015)