Petra Zlonoga

drawing on paper, pixilation

year: 2016

format: HD, DCP
duration: 4'32"

production: Kinoklub Zagreb
distribution: Bonobostudio

An audiovisual weave in which an animated line represents the warp, while the female voice represents the filling. She who weaves and that what is woven intertwine through time.


More About the Film

Scriptwriter, director, animator: Petra Zlonoga
Photography: Vedran Šuvar
Editor: Miro Manojlović
Music: Žan Jakopač
Traditional song Rusulica sang by Ivana Rushaidat
Sound design: Ante Perković, Ivan Zelić
Producer: Vedran Šuvar

Petra Zlonoga (1982) holds an MA in Graphic Design from the School of Design (2007) and MA in Animated Film and New Media from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (2011). Since 2009 she works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and animator.


One of Many (2018), Dota (2016), Hunger (2014), Daniil Ivanovich, You Are Free (2011), Fox (2010), Gregor (2010), Daniil Ivanovich, Marry Me (2007)


  • Best Experimental Film Award, Days of Croatian Film 2016
  • Best Animated Film Award, Kratki na brzinu - Revue of Croatian Short Films 2016
  • Special Mention, Balkanima European Animated Film Festival 2016
  • Polish Audience Award, StopTrik Lodz 2016
  • Special Mention, Animateka International Animated Film Festival 2016
  • 2nd Prize, Athens Animfest 2017


Days of Croatian Film (21/4-24/4/2016)
Kratki na brzinu - Revue of Croatian Short Films (12/5-15/5/2016)
Animafest Zagreb – World Festival of Animated Film (6/6-11/6/2016)
Annecy International Animation Festival (13/6-18/6/2016)
Proceso de Error - Experimental International Video Festival (23/6-24/6/2016)
Tabor Film Festival (7/7-10/7/2016)
Supertoon International Animation Festival (24/7-29/7/2016)
DokuFest Prizren (5/8-13/8/2016)
FeKK - Ljubljana Short Film Festival (22/8-27/8/2016)
Split Film Festival (10/9-18/9/2016)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (21/9-25/9/2016)
AnimaSyros International Animation Festival (21/9-25/9/2016)
Animasivo Contemporary Animation Festival (28/9-1/10/2016)
Balkanima European Animated Film Festival (4/10-8/10/2016)
CinEast - Central and Eastern European Film Festival (6/10-23/10/2016)
Un festival c'est trop court! - Nice Short Film Festival (14/10-21/10/2016)
Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival (23/10-28/10/2016)
Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (25/10-3/11/2016)
StopTrik International Film Festival, Maribor (27/10-30/10/2016), Lodz (11/11-12/11/2016)
Cinanima International Animated Film Festival (7/11-13/11/2016)
Festival Les Instants Vidéo (10/11-13/11/2016)
Animated Dreams International Animation Film Festival (16/11-20/11/2016)
Mirror Mountain Film Festival (2/12-4/12/2016)
Animateka International Animated Film Festival (5/12-11/12/2016)
Piccolo festival dell’Animazione (12/12-29/12/2016)
Cairo International Animation Forum (16/2-23/2/2017)
Mecal Pro - International Short and Animation Film Festival (14/3-2/4/2017)
Tricky Women Animation Festival (15/3-19/3/2017)
ANIMAKOM - Bilbao International Animation Community Festival (15/3-19/3/2017)
Monstra - Lisbon Animated Film Festival (16/3-26/3/2017)
Athens Animfest (16/3-22/3/2017)
Flatpack Festival (4/4-9/4/2017)
Anifilm International Festival of Animated Film (2/5-7/5/2017)
Filmska runda, Osijek (26/5-28/5/2017)
VAFI International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival (30/5-4/6/2017)
Fest Anca International Animation Festival (29/6-2/7/2017)
Turku Animated Film Festival (23/8-27/8/2017)
ANIMA Cordoba International Animation Festival (11/10-13/10/2017)
Bit Bang Fest, Buenos Aires (2/11-4/11/2017)
Leeds International Film Festival (2/11-16/11/2017)