Veljko Popović

2D animation

year: 2018

format: DCP
duration: 7'20"

production: Lemonade3d, Bagan Films, 3D2D Animatori
distribution: Bonobostudio

Countries of production: Croatia, France / Based on the artwork by Vasko Lipovac


More About the Film

The cycling season is nearing its grand finale. During the final race, the two men in the lead are competing for more than the Grand Trophy; they are fighting for the affection of a lady and fulfilment of their erotic fantasies. Meanwhile, the small port town prepares for the arrival of a large ocean liner and its dashing captain.

Inspired by the art of Vasko Lipovac, Veljko Popović created an animated short marked by unique aesthetics. Painted in vivid colours of summer and with a dash of the erotic, its is a comedy that captures the spirit of a small Mediterranean town.

Script, director, editor: Veljko Popović
Animators: Goran Stojnić, Chloe Roux, Lucija Bužančić, Sander Joon, Mario Vrandečić
Music: Pablo Pico, Siniša Jakelić, Nikola Džaja
Sound design: Jean-Baptiste Saint Pol
Producers: Milivoj Popović, Veljko Popović (Lemonade 3D), Patrick Hernandez (Bagan Films)
Co-producer: Lado Skorin (3D2D Animatori)

Veljko Popović (1979) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Department of Painting, in 2003. He has worked in computer graphics since 1998 and co-founded Lemonade3d, a CG and animation studio that later became Prime Render Studios. Since 2012, he teaches animation at the Arts Academy in Split. His films have been screened and awarded at numerous film festivals worldwide, including Annecy, Animafest Zagreb, Clermont Ferrand, Aspen, Hiroshima, Leeds, Stuttgart. He was a jury member at several film festivals.

Žarko, You Will Spoil the Child! (2024), Dislocation (2020), Cyclists (2018), Planemo (2016), Father (2012, co-director), Dove sei, amor mio (2011), My Way (2010, co-director), She Who Measures (2008)


  • Best Croatian Film Award, Animafest Zagreb 2018
  • Best Croatian Short Film Award, Mediterranean Film Festival Split 2018
  • Jury Distinction, Annecy International Animation Festival 2018
  • Oktavijan Award for the Best Animated Film, Croatian Film Days 2018
  • Diploma of the Jury, Insomnia International Animation Film Festival 2018
  • Special Prize, Hiroshima International Animation Festival 2018
  • Best Croatian Animated Film, Betina Film Festival 2018
  • Best Film in International Competition, Linoleum Festival 2018
  • Special Mention, Balkanima European Animated Film Festival 2018
  • ASIFA Croatia Special Mention 2018
  • Award for Creativity and Artistic Expression, Banjaluka International Animation Festival 2018
  • Special Mention for Narrative Short Film, CutOut Fest 2018
  • Best Art Director, Multivision Festival 2018
  • Grand Prix, KROK 2018
  • Best Film Award, Zabut International Animated Short Film Festival 2019
  • Best Balkan Film, Winter Apricots International Film Festival 2019

Festivals +

Animafest Zagreb - World Festival of Animated Film (4/6-9/6/2018)
Mediterranean Film Festival Split (7/6-16/6/2018)
Annecy International Animation Festival (11/6-16/6/2018)
Croatian Film Days (16/6-20/6/2018)
Diversions International Short Film Festival (25/6-1/7/2018)
Tabor Film Festival (5/7-8/7/2018)
Animaphix International Animated Festival (18/7-22/7/2018)
Countryside Animafest Cyprus (19/7-21/7/2018)
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (19/7-23/7/2018)
Guanajuato International Film Festival (20/7-29/7/2018)
Supertoon International Animation Festival (22/7-27/7/2018)
Motovun Film Festival (24/7-28/7/2018)
Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (24/7-29/7/2018)
Animix Tel Aviv Animation Festival (7/8-11/8/2018)
Anibar International Animation Festival (13/8-19/8/2018)
Films Like No Others, Bol (16/8-19/8/2018)
Imaginaria International Animation Festival (21/8-25/8/2018)
Hiroshima International Animation Festival (23/8-27/8/2018)
Turku Animated Film Festival (29/8-2/9/2018)
Videomedeja International Video Festival (31/8-2/9/2018)
Animanima International Animation Festival (4/9-8/9/2018)
Linoleum International Festival of Contemporary Animation & Media-art (6/9-9/9/2018)
Betina Film Festival (6/9-9/9/2018)
Varna World Festival of Animated Film (12/9-16/9/2018)
Corto in Cortile Short Film Festival (14/9-16/9/2018)
Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy (20/9-30/9/2018)
ReAnima International Animated Film Festival (20/9-23/9/2018)
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (25/9-30/9/2018)
Ottawa International Animation Festival (26/9-30/9/2018)
Anim'est International Animation Film Festival (28/9-7/10/2018)
KROK International Animated Film Festival (30/9-7/10/2018)
Tofuzi International Festival of Animated Films (1/10-6/10/2018)
Balkanima European Animated Film Festival (2/10-6/10/2018)
Bit Bang Fest (3/10-6/10/2018)
Animatou International Animation Film Festival (5/10-13/10/2018)
Sedicicorto International Film Festival (5/10-14/10/2018)
KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (10/10-14/10/2018)
Taichung International Animation Festival (11/10-16/10/2018)
ANIMAGE International Animation Festival (12/10-21/10/2018)
Bucheon International Animation Festival (19/10-23/10/2018)
Cinemed – Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Montpellier (19/10-27/10/2018)
Filmets Badalona Film Festival (19/10-28/10/2018)
Festival du Film Court en Armagnac (20/10-21/10/2018)
Valladolid International Film Festival (20/10-27/10/2018)
Banjaluka International Animation Festival (24/10-28/10/2018)
Fredrikstad Animation Festival (25/10-28/10/2018)
Big Cartoon Festival (26/10-5/11/2018)
Multivision International Festival of Animation Arts (27/10-18/11/2018)
Kuandu International Animation Festival (28/10-4/11/2018)
Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation (1/11-4/11/2018)
CutOut Fest International Animation & Digital Arts Festival (1/11-4/11/2018)
Thessaloniki International Film Festival (1/11-11/11/2018)
AFI FEST (8/11-15/11/2018)
ALCINE Film Festival (9/11-16/11/2018)
Soria International Film Festival (11/11-25/11/2018)
CINANIMA - International Animated Film Festival (12/11-18/11/2018)
Court en scène, Troyes (12/11-18/11/2018)
Manchester Animation Festival (13/11-15/11/2018)
Animatic Animated Film Festival (14/11-17/11/2018)
Cinanbule Court c’est court! Cabrière d’Avignon (14/11-18/11/2018)
Exground filmfest (16/11-25/11/2018)
Festival du Film Court de Villeurbanne (16/11-25/112018)
PÖFF Shorts - Short Film & Animation Festival, Tallinn (20/11-28/11/2018)
Sequence Short Film Festival (21/11-25/11/2018)
2ANNAS Riga International Film Festival, Latvia (26/11-2/12/2018)
Tindirindis International Animation Film Festival (26/11-2/12/2018)
Two Short Nights Film Festival (28/11-30/11/2018)
Animasivo Contemporary Animation Festival (28/11-2/12/2018)
London International Animation Festival (30/11-9/12/2018)
International Short Film Festival Leuven (1/12-8/12/2018)
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Les Arcs Film Festival, France (15/12-22/12/2018)
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Mecal Pro International Short and Animation Festival (28/3-4/4/2019)
Animakom Fest – Bilbao International Animation Community Festival (2/4-8/4/2019)
Animocje Animated Film Festival (7/4-13/4/2019)
Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival (9/4-14/4/2019)
La Boca Erotica Film Festival, Madrid (11/4-13/4/2019)
Skopje Film Festival (17/4-25/4/2019)
Mediawave – Another Connection International Film and Music Gathering (30/4-4/5/2019)
SEEfest South East European Festival, Los Angeles (1/5-8/5/2019)
Anifilm International Festival of Animated Films (7/5-12/5/2019)
Formentera Film Festival (16/5-19/5/2019)
Filmska runda, Osijek (31/5-1/6/2019)
BCN Sports Film Festival (3/6-9/6/2019)
Festival Côté court (5/6-15/6/2019)
Festival International de Contis (20/6-24/6/2019)
Cinema Jove International Film Festival (21/6-28/6/2019)
Santiago del Estero Film Festival (25/6-29/6/2019)
ShorTS International Film Festival (28/6-6/7/2019)
San Giò Verona Video Festival (23/7-27/7/2019)
Zabut International Animated Short Film Festival (26/7-28/7/2019)
Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art (19/8-25/8/2019)
Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival (5/9-8/9/2019)
Anima Cordoba International Animation Festival (9/10-11/10/2019)
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dokumentART, Neubrandenburg (15/10-20/10/2019)
shnit Worldwide Shortfilmfestival (17/10-28/10/2019)
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Winter Apricots International Film Festival, Prilep (12/12-14/12/2019)
International Short Film Week Regensburg (11/3-18/3/2020) 
Flipbook Film Festival, Skopje (7/8-13/8/2020)
Malatesta Short Film Festival (22/8-30/8/2020) 
Festival of Animation Berlin (9/10-11/10/2020) 
Animatricks International Animation Festival (15/10-18/10/2020)
Heart of Gold International Film Festival (27/10-30/10/2022)
International Cycling Film Festival, Herne (17/3-18/3/2023)