All the Cities of the North

Dane Komljen


year: 2016

format: DCP
duration: 100'

production: Dart Film, SCCA/, Code Blue, Vizart Production
distribution: Bonobostudio

Countries of production: Serbia, Bosna and Herzegovina, Montenegro


More About the Film

A single, white room, a blue tent inside, where two men share a relationship for which there are no words. Boban and Boris live within a set of almost identical abandoned bungalows, in the midst of stray donkeys, plastic bottles and red berries; reed beds, tall trees and transient workers. Someone else enters this secluded space and its patterns are disturbed. The world outside arrives and brings stories of other times, of cities to the north and south, of how something is made. New bonds form and old ones shift. Love can be fragile when not given a name. "No, don’t call me ‘comrade’. What should I call you, then?"

Directed and written by Dane Komljen
Cast: Boban Kaluđer, Boris Isaković, Dane Komljen
Image: Ivan Marković
Sound: Igor Čamo, Simon Apostolou, Jakov Munižaba
Editing: Dane Komljen, Nataša Damnjanović
Art Direction: Magdalena Vlajić
Producers: Nataša Damnjanović, Vladimir Vidić, Amra Bakšić-Čamo, Adis Đapo, Bojana Radulović, Zoran Galić

Dane Komljen (1986) studied film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Serbia and contemporary art at Le Fresnoy, France. His short films have been shown and awarded at Cannes, Locarno, Rotterdam, Marseille, Sarajevo, New York. All the Cities of the North is his first feature film.

All the Cities of the North, 100' (2016), All Still Orbit, 23' (2016), Our Body, 15' (2015), A Surplus of Wind, 25' (2014), Tiny Bird, 30' (2013), Bodily Function, 40' (2012), I Already am Everything I Want to Have, 35' (2010)


Award for Best Narrative Feature, Athens International Film and Video Festival, USA 2017
Special Mention, EPA CINE – International Independent Film Festival, Argentina 2017
Special Mention, New Horizons International Film Festival, Poland 2017


Locarno Film Festival (3/8-13/8/2016)
Sarajevo Film Festival (12/8-20/8/2016)
Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival (21/9-25/9/2016)
Podgorica Film Festival (23/9-27/9/2016)
25 FPS International Experimental Film and Video Festival (29/9-2/10/2016)
New York Film Festival (30/9-16/10/2016)
FICVALDIVIA Valdivia International Film Festival (10/10-16/10/2016)
Thessaloniki International Film Festival (4/11-13/11/2016)
Cottbus Film Festival (8/11-13/11/2016)
Cinedays – Festival of European Film (10/11-19/11/2016)
Mar de Plata International Film Festival (18/11-27/11/2016)
Auteur Film Festival / Festival autorskog filma (25/11-4/12/2016)
Transcinema Festival of Non-Fiction Films (2/12-9/12/2016)
Kunsterdorf Film Festival (14/1-19/1/2017)
International Film Festival Rotterdam (25/1-5/2/2017)
Portland International Film Festival (9/2-25/2/2017)
FICUNAM International Film Festival (21/2-28/2/2017)
FEST, Belgrade (24/2-5/3/2017)
Febiofest – Prague International Film Festival (23/3-31/3/2017)
Athens International Film and Video Festival (4/4-9/4/2017)
Hong Kong International Film Festival (11/4-25/4/2017)
Jeonju International Film Festival (27/4-6/5/2017)
EPA CINE – International Independent Film Festival (24/5-28/5/2017)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (31/5-4/6/2017)
Kino Otok – Isola Cinema International Film Festival (31/5-4/6/2017)
Olhar de Cinema International Film Festival (7/6-15/6/2017)
Mostra de filmes documentos autorais (3/7-7/7/2017)
FID Marseilles International Film Festival (11/7-17/7/2017)
New Horizons International Film Festival (3/8-13/8/2017)
Dokufest International Documentary and Short Film Festival (4/8-12/8/2017)
Cinema City Film Festival (1/9-3/9/2017)
Pančevo Film Festival (6/9-10/9/2017)
CPH PIX, Copenhagen (28/9-11/10/2017)
Seville European Film Festival (3/11-11/11/2017)