A Brief Excursion

Igor Bezinović


year: 2017

format: DCP
duration: 75'

production: Studio Pangolin
distribution: Bonobostudio

An allegorical journey into the unknown.


More About the Film

"Playful and profound. A wonderful story of wasted time"
- Jessica Kiang, THE PLAYLIST

"A discrete dose of magical realism"
- Roberto Oggiano, CINEUROPA

"Quirky and mysterious"
- Maxime Labrecque, SEQUENCES

Stola has been spending his summer in the sweltering haze of festival parties. But one day, he runs into Roko, an old acquaintance, who is on a mission to discover medieval frescoes at a nearby monastery. Roko convinces Stola and a random group of partygoers to join him in his search. However, when their bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, their brief excursion turns into an allegorical journey into the unknown.

Director: Igor Bezinović
Scriptwriters: Igor Bezinović, Ante Zlatko Stolica
Based on the novel A Brief Excursion by Antun Šoljan
Cast: Ante Zlatko Stolica, Mladen Vujčić, Željko Beljan, Iva Ivšic, Marko Aksentijević, Martina Burulic, Josip Visković
Director of photography: Danko Vučinović
Editors: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Miro Manojlović
Music: Hrvoje Nikšić
Sound design: Martin Semenčić
Sound recordist: Matija Santro
Line producer: Tena Gojić
Producer: Igor Bezinović

Igor Bezinović (1983) graduated in Philosophy, Sociology and Comparative Literature from the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Film and TV Directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art. He directed about a dozen of short films, the feature-length documentary The Blockade and feature fiction-documentary A Brief Excursion. He is active in filmmaking both as a professional and amateur.

Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I've Ever Seen (2020), The Lovetts (2018), A Brief Excursion (2017), Short Family Film (2016), Veruda - A Film about Bojan (2015), From Kršan to Peroj (2015), A Very Brief Excursion (2014), Waiting (2014), Self-Governed Film (2012), The Blockade (2012), Naked Hours (2011), In Fond Memory of TDZ (2010), An Encounter (2009), Non-Recyclable (2009), Above Average (2009)


  • Best Director Award, Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival 2017
  • Young Critics Jury Award, Andrey Tarkovsky International Film Festival 2017
  • Special Mention, European Film Festival Palić 2017
  • Grand Golden Arena for Best Film, Pula Film Festival 2017
  • Golden Arena for Best Sound Design, Pula Film Festival 2017
  • Special Mention, Split Film Festival 2017
  • Ivan Martinac Award, Split Film Festival 2017
  • Best Film in Brave Balkan Competition, Auteur Film Festival 2017
  • Vedran Šamanović Award, 2018
  • Best Feature Film, Lessinia Film Festival, 2018
  • Mirko Kovač Award for the Best Script, 2018


International Film Festival Rotterdam (25/1-5/2/2017)
Kino Otok, Izola (31/5-4/6/2017)
Underhill Fest (7/6-15/6/2017)
Andrey Tarkovsky Zerkalo International Film Festival (13/6-18/6/2017)
Pula Film Festival (15/7-22/7/2017)
European Film Festival Palić (15/7-21/7/2017)
Motovun Film Festival (25/7-29/7/2017)
New Horizons International Film Festival (3/8-13/8/2017)
Dokufest Prizren (4/8-12/8/2017)
Divan Film Festival (18/8-26/8/2017)
Liburnia Film Festival (19/8-25/8/2017)
Pančevo Film Festival (6/9-10/9/2017)
Split Film Festival (9/9-16/9/2017)
Actors Film Festival, Vinkovci (5/10-12/10/2017)
Thessaloniki International Film Festival (2/11-12/11/2017)
Seville European Film Festival (3/11-11/11/2017)
Zagreb Film Festival (11/11-19/11/2017)
FAF Auteur Film Festival, Belgrade (24/11-2/12/2017)
Trieste Film Festival (19/1-28/1/2018)
Sofia International Film Festival (8/3-18/3/2018)
Festival Stazione di Topolo (6/7-15/7/2018)
Kranjska Gora International Film Festival (1/8-4/8/2018)
Lessinia Film Festival (24/8-2/9/2018)