Video materials for Tertulia

Multimedia project

year: 2009

client: Eurokaz

The central event of 2009 edition of Eurokaz festival was the multimedia project Tertulia by Argentinean artists Nicolas Varchausky and Eduardo Molinari, presented from June 25 until June 28 at the main Zagreb cemetery Mirogoj. According to conceptions and instructions by Nicolas Varchausky, Eduardo Molinari and Saša Božić we made 25 minutes of video materials which were incorporated into cabinets and observatories - integral parts of this unique audiovisual installation.

More About the Project

authors: Eduardo Molinari, Nicolas Varchausky
dramaturgy: Saša Božić
director of photography: Hrvoje Grgić
postproduction / animation: Dragan Đokić Đole
modeling: Petra Hudić, Marko Dješka, Antonia Begušić
supervision / animation: Simon Bogojević Narath

Many thanks to the Eurokaz team