VR project Dislocation premieres at Ottawa

Dislocation 001
On the wings of international success with Cyclists, the creative team led by Veljko and Milivoj Popović has completed the first Croatian VR film project, Dislocation, which will have its world premiere at the prestigious Ottawa International Animation Festival.

The Ottawa IAF, which this year celebrates its 44th edition, is one of the most important animation festivals in the world. However, this year it is held under different circumstances, being largely transferred online, and will take place 23rd Sept – 4th Oct. 

The VR project Dislocation has been selected for screening in the official Virtual Reality Competition, being chosen among 1950 submissions from 84 countries that the festival received this year.

The VR project Dislocation deals with an extremely current and engaged topic and follows the protagonist around different locations – a beach on the coast of Greece, a desert on the border between Mexico and the USA and a forest somewhere in the Balkans. It is also an inward journey, travelling into the protagonist’s mind, exploring the memories of a life lost, which are beginning to fade.  

Dislocation was created using motion capture technology, in collaboration with dancer Alen Čelić and choreographer Nikolina Dolfić. The project was first presented earlier this year in the Preview programme at the globally influential Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

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