Imbued Life in Annecy

Imbuedlife 05
The world's biggest festival of animated film is taking place 10—15 June, as scheduled, right after Animafest Zagreb.

12 thousand professional pass-holders guarantee fantastic visibility to each film screened at the Annecy Festival. That’s why we are really excited to continue our six-year run in the Annecy competition programs!

Last year, Veljko Popović cycled his way into the main competition program and this year the splendid French lake town festival invited Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson’s Imbued Life to be screened in the prestigious competition Perspectives. Our colleagues animators from Croatia – Chintis Lundgren, Lucija Mrzljak and Daniel Šuljić – are also presenting their new works in Annecy.

Imbued Life is a mysterious story about strange natural forces and energies. The main hero is a taxidermist. She prepares and stuffs dead animals and then returns them back to the forest. But she keeps on finding rolls of undeveloped film in the animals' skulls… This metaphysical eco detective film premiered at the beginning of May in Oberhausen and then at Animafest Zagreb. We are hoping the audience will like it even more than Simulacra, the first film by this talented puppet duo which won ten awards at more than 60 international film festivals.

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