The Big Forest, TV commercial for Evotv

Renato Grgić, Kristijan Petrović

TV commercial

year: 2012

client: HP Production, member of Croatian Post Group / agency: Luminus Creative Ltd

Croatian Post has launched EvoTV digital television, and we were happy to produce a stop motion TV commercial to promote this new platform.

More About the Project

puppets, sets and props: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
animation: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson, Petra Zlonoga
compositing and VFX: Mario Kalogjera
lighting: VUX
production: Bonobostudio

concept: Renato Grgić
direction and editing: Kristijan Petrović

The concept was made by creative director Renato Grgić from Luminus, while our creative team was in charge of stop motion animation production. We made more than 20 puppets of animals living in a big forrest, all kinds of props and 13 different sets, trying to keep the whole environment as organic as possible. After days and nights of working on animation, compositing and VFX in our studio, the final postproduction effects and sound were added in Luminus, and that was it - the commercial was ready to roll!