Secret of the Missing Socks

TV spot

year: 2014

client: Saponia / agency: Imago

A story about the great secret of our time: where do those missing socks go?!

More About the Project

concept: Imago

animation and modeling: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
director of photography: Ivan Slipčević
editing: Iva Kraljević
postproduction: Mario Kalogjera, Marko Tomašević
production: Bonobostudio

We are on the verge of shining light on great mystery! The time has come to unite all the lost socks, to expose the dreadful monster in the background of this complot and put a stop to the new woollen and cotton victims once and for all!

We made this stop motion TV commercial based on the idea and concept of the Imago creative team. It is part of a campaigne celebrating 120 years of Saponia. You too can have fun trying to find out where the missing socks are by visiting