Postproduction of the trailer for the film 2 1/2 Bodies

Tatu Pohjavirta


year: 2012

client: Indie Films

2 ½ Bodies is a twisted story about Oskar, the policeman who literally splits in half after being unable to handle an impossible love with Sara, as well as a fear of obsessed inspector Vinkerton's revenge whose twin brother Oskar accidentally kills.

More About the Project

director: Tatu Pohjavirta
producer Jyrki Kapainen, Indie Films, Finland
puppet making: Se-ma-for, Poland
post-production: Bonobostudio, Croatia
3D animation: Kristijan Dulić
3D modeling: Goran Mitrović
compositing, lighting, special effects: Mario Kalogjera

2 ½ Bodies is an animated feature film by the Finnish filmmaker Tatu Pohjavirta which is being prepared in Indie Films production. The project is currently in development and has been selected for presentation at the 2012 edition of Cartoon Movie in Lyon (March 7-9 2012). Bonobostudio worked on postproduction of the trailer which is going to be presented at this co-production forum.