Blue Economy

Petra Zlonoga

Promo video

year: 2016

client: Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC)

You have heard of the green one, maybe even the red one, but blue!? That’s where our film comes handy – to teach you what Blue Economy is all about.

More About the Project

It is a framework and a practice which aims to strengthen the circulation of ‘the local energy’, local goods and energy sources, in order to minimise the influence of industry on nature and create sustainable jobs. It is for the benefit of us all: nature, human beings and especially our sea. Mediterranean countries have a very sensitive relation to the sea: the coastal line is vulnerable to overfishing, urbanisation, pollution and especially tourism. We have to act now! It is all about good ideas, using truly local products and rethinking technology to save energy. And that’s all! Hurray for Blue Economy!  

You can watch the film here!

directing, design, animation: Petra Zlonoga
script: Mirna Belina
voice: William Linn
music and sound design: Natko Stipaničev
sound recording and mastering: Bojan Kondres
producer: Vanja Andrijević
production: Bonobostudio