A Good Climate for Change

Petra Zlonoga

Promo video

year: 2014

client: Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC)

Coast Day is the best day to raise awareness about the ecological issues shared by all the Mediterranean countries. Climate changes are already happening, but we can slow them down and adapt to the new situation. We should also put a stop to all what is affecting the climate and our environment in a harmful way. We hope this little film will help spread awareness about the protection of our coast.

More About the Project

director: Petra Zlonoga
animation: Danijel Ožaković
screenplay: Mirna Belina
translation: Ivana Ostojčić, Sylvain Petit
narrators: William Linn, Stephan Paul Michel
editor: Iva Kraljević
music and sound design: Gideon Kiers
sound recording and mastering: Bojan Kondres
producer: Vanja Andrijević
production: Bonobostudio

From mid-May, when we got the news that our proposal won the contest for the short animated film about the climate change and adaptation by the Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre, our knowledge about the climate issues – together with the ecological awareness – just grew and grew. Here is what we have learned! Did you know that the population growth is the biggest factor in the climate changes? In the Mediterranean area from the year 1970 to 2025 (prediction) the number of inhabitants will double, coming to the unbelievable 529 million people! And with the scientific predictions about the temperature and sea level rise, we can only imagine that this coastal strip will get it really bad. That is why we have the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management, which you can read here, and of course, your own good doings: save the energy, save the water, buy local products and motivate others to act responsively! Happy Coast Day, September 25th!

Find out more about Coast Day: www.coastday.org/