Two awards for Dove sei, amor mio!

Dove sei, amor mio is the Best Animated Film for Adults at Anifest Rozafa and the Best Animated Film at the Tashkent International Film Forum!

Anifest Rozafa Festival (September 23―30) from the Albanian city Shkoder is a new friend of the film Dove sei, amor mio by Veljko Popović, who comes back from it with another award – for the Best Adult Animated Film. The Festival’s Competition Program featured few more films from Bonobostudio production: Father by Ivan Bogdanov and the group of authors (Veljko Popović is among them), and In the Beginning of Time… by Božidar Trkulja. It is good to mention that in the best of the Children’s Competition is also a Croatian film - Granny Fly Swatter by Jakov Skok.

Festival Anifest Rozafa is organized in the second largest Albanian city, Shkoder, situated next to the famous Lake Shkoder. The biggest city attraction is Fortress Rozafa which borrowed the name to the Anifest Festival.

Second festival with great news for us is the Tashkent International Film Forum Golden Guepard, taking place in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Festival ended on the 5th of October with the award ceremony, and the Award for The Best Animated Film went to Veljko Popović’s film Dove sei, amor mio. We hope the Golden Guepard will soon start its long voyage to Split! Yes, we couldn’t really imagine a better beginning of autumn for Dove sei, amor mio.

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