Train is finished!

15-minute film Train by French director Olivier Chabalier is ready to hit the festival circuit.

These days we have officially finished one more film in Bonobostudio. Train is a minority co-production between the French production GASP! and Bonobostudio. It is directed by the young French director Olivier Chabalier, who has worked as an assistant producer in the company Autour de minuit before co-founding the studio GASP! with Clémence Marcadier. From the Croatian team working on Train we have to mention post-production supervisor, VFX and lead compositor Mario Kalogjera and the producer Vanja Andrijević.   

Train is a lush hybrid 3D film combining synthetic landscapes with choreographed dance sequences. The film is playing with dance macabre genre, proposing its own fatalist allegory of the dance of life. As in the medieval “dance of death” genre, Train tells the story of the journey from birth to the end. The spectacular music and strong gestures of the dancers – whose bodies are interwoven with the 3D landscapes – summon the theatre of life. Film is maybe the easiest to describe as a macabre Busby Berkeley musical.

Train is the second finished film in the past month in Bonobostudio. In June we have celebrated the final steps of Here There by Alexander Stewart – with the world premiere scheduled in September at the Ottawa International Animated Film Festival. Three more films are in the (post)production stages and will be ready by the end of the year – Astronaut of Featherweight by Dalibor Barić, Travelling Country by Ivan Bogdanov and Vessela Dantcheva and Testfilm #1 by Telcosystems.

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