Three September awards for Nighthawk

Špela Čadež’s film won Grand Prix at Animanima in Čačak and then two special mentions: at Ars Electronica festival in Linz and at Anymasyros in Greece.

Since the beginning of the festival tour exactly one year ago, Nighthawk is flying high to reach the success of Špela’s previous film Boles. For now, we are talking about 20 awards and almost 90 festival competitions! And this was an especially fantastic September for a film which was described by the OIAF creative director Chris Robinson as: “It’s like Charles Bukowski and Steve McQueen teamed up with a badger to make a stop motion film about the tragic glaze, craze and daze of alcohol abuse.”

International Animation Festival Animanima in Čačak (September 5 – 9) celebrated Nighthawk with a Golden Peg Bar – the main festival award – for “an impressionistic, hypnotizing journey and a very well-crafted film that guides you with determination but gently to intoxicating states of consciousness.” We have to add that the festival audience awarded one more film from Bonobostudio production – Hedgehog’s Home by Eva Cvijanović.

Ars Electronica (September 7 – 11) is a large festival dedicated to new technologies, and together with a conference and exhibition, it also features an animated film festival. Nighthawk won one of the festival Special Mentions, and the Grand Prix went to David O’Rilley’s Everything. Jury statement is really great and describes the film perfectly, and you can read it here.

The last award from this brief news came on the first day of October but since the festival has started on September 27th, we’ll add it to our September award harvest. It is a Special Mention from the International Animation Festival Animasyros in Greece.

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