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Animoimme studiolla!

Cheerful days in Bonobo! These days we are filming and animating puppets, participating in mega presentation of Croatian culture in France (Project Croatie, la voici), the films in our production Father and Dove sei, amor mio, as well as the ones in distribution Vexed and Nightingales in December are winning the awards, we are preparing for few travels and one round table, but we are also good hosts to one pretty talented Finish animator. His name is Tatu Pohjavirta, he studied at Turku Art Academy, and has screened his 11 animated films all over the world, including the great retrospective at the last year’s Tampere Film Festival. Tatu usually lives in Helsinki but at the moment his home is Bonobostudio, where he’s preparing his first feature animated film 2 1/2 Bodies. After a very successful collaboration on the trailer for the film (Bonobostudio did the postproduction), we are now busy with storyboarding. In order to make a great storyboard, our Finnish friend will be with us for whole two months, till the beginning of December, and he will work with our Mario Kalogjera.

2 1/2 Bodies will be a feature animated puppet film noir, says Tatu. Every noir revolves around the love story, and so will this one, but there will be a twist: cause this femme has powers that only animated characters have. An uptight policeman might slip to the wrong side of the law because of love, but he might also split in two!

Film is produced by the Finnish company Indie Films. We will say more about our role as soon as the film skips to the next production phase.

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