Story from the Beginning of Time - animation finished

The most demanding part of the production on Božidar Trkulja’s debut film is behind us!

A small but diligent team has successfully completed modelling and animation of all the scenes from our new stop-motion film Story from the Beginning of Time.

The skilful hands of animator Dina Rončević brought the characters from Božidar Trkulja’s imagination to life. Tailed Grues, Jak Pur, N’ga, Prcmoljčić and Trunky Decayers are just some of the characters personifying recognisable human qualities in a wondrous and humorous way.

Ivana Bošnjak and Thomas Johnson stand behind the appearance of this fantastic world; they made around 40 puppets, a number of props and set designs for seven different locations, and also animated particular parts of the film.

The post-production work is still to come, and the completion of the film is expected by the end of the year.

Many thanks to the numerous everyone who provided any kind of help!

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