New film in distribution: Binary Pitch

Binary Pitch by Vladislav Knežević is a new film experiment in Bonobostudio distribution.

Binary Pitch is a hard-boiled experimental film that rethinks the production of meaning in films – in this case through its own cinematic presentation.

The film was presented for the first time at the 11th edition of the Cinemaniac exhibition that was organized during the Pula Film Festival, July and August, in MMC Luka by a curator Branka Benčić. The exhibition Thinking Film featured works that question the conditions of (cinematic) representation, among other issues.

In Binary Pitch the architecture of a hall represents the relationship a work of art has with a viewer and an institution, a crossroad of possible meanings and ideologies. The work presents key ideas in Max Bense’s text ‘Aesthetics and Programming’ (1968) coded in zeros and ones and presented as rising and lowering of the seats. This cryptic confession of the machine anticipates a future reality in which all communication is mediated by sequences of bits.

Binary Pitch premiered at the 25 FPS Festival in Zagreb, September 2013.

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