Lunch at Nam June Paik Center

Film by Ana Hušman is screened at the exhibition Tireless Refrain, taking place in the South Korean Nam June Paik Center by the 16th of June.

The Exhibition Tireless Refrain is programmed at the Nam June Paik Center in South Korea (close to the city of Suwon) from February 7th to June 16th2013, and the exhibition features Lunch, a short experimental-animated film by Croatian artist Ana Hušman. This international exhibition shows ten performances, videos and installations by the authors from all over the world - Croatia, Belgium, France, Spain, Tunisia and South Korea – examining the politicalness by repetition, which is a main feature of a refrain.

The Center is named after one of the most inventive and avant-garde artists of the 20th century, Korean Nam June Paik, often labelled as an artist who invented video art in 1963, when he exhibited for the first time TV screens and video as a part of an exhibition Exposition of Music – Electronic Television at the Parnass Gallery in Wuppertal.

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