FOUR new films in distribution!

Yes, you have read it correctly, Bonobostudio has four (4!) new films in distribution – and one of those is a Bonobostudio co-production!

We are very happy to present Travelling Country, a film which was produced with the same successful team behind Father. On one hand there is Bonobostudio, and on the other Compote Collective. Compote is keeping high standards of animated film in Bulgaria, especially after Father, unbelievably successful film by Ivan Bogdanov and collaborators, and a world-known Anna Blume by Vessela Dantcheva. Our new film Travelling Country is a brutal parable about how much we  as a society learn from history. The film features many Bulgarian and Croatian artists, but we'll mention our local Ivan Košutić, Jelena Oroz, Petra Zlonoga and Darko Vidačković, as well as our Italian collaborator Andrea Martignoni.

And then there is Veljko Popović’s Planemo, a new animated film which will premiere at Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht this March. Film is a co-production by Veljko’s Lemonade 3D/Krupni kadar and 3D2D animatori.

And a cherry on top – two films directed by two fantastic female authors and directors, one experimentalist and one animator. Those are Almost Nothing by Ana Hušman (Pangolin) and Peter’s Forest by Martina Meštrović (Kreativni sindikat). One film deals with changes in the landscape brought about by diverse land management policies, forestation, plant management etc., which in reverse influence our daily lives. The second film also deals with a question of nature and natural, but this time relating to the problem of identity. For Martina Meštrović’s second film – finished three years after Bla (2013) – music was made by Andrea Martignoni, and Ana Hušman continued working with her old team – Ivan Slipčević (DOP), Iva Kraljević (editing) and Tomislav Domes (sound design).

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