Flower of Battle completed

New film by Simon Bogojević Narath soon on the silver screen!

What is in fact law and who has the power? Why are men fighting against each other and is freedom only an illusion? The answers to some of these questions will be brutally revealed by colourful characters from the new film by Simon Bogojević Narath Flower of Battle, based on the motives from the book A Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu by Maurice Joly from 1864, and a manuscript about European swordsmanship Flower of Battle, written in the mid-1400s by the Italian master of that craft, Fiore dei Liberi.

The voice of ominous Illusionist is played by Zlatko Burić, the bizarre duplicated Civil Entity is presented by Vilim Matula and Iva Šulentić, while Romina Vitasović is the evocative narrator leading us into the secrets of the extinct craft of sword fighting.

The demanding duty of the lead animator was performed by young Nikola Radović, with additional animation by David Lovrić, Ognjen Tutek and Darko Vidačković. The rich visuals are accompanied by the rich sound by Hrvoje Štefotić. Equally demanding was the translation; therefore, big thanks to Etami Borjan, Alan Križanić and Andy Jelčić!

Flower of Battle will premiere at the opening of the Days of Croatian Film, Monday, 4 April at 9pm – everyone is invited!

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