Croatian animation at Vendome Film Festival

Croatian animation rides again!

The end of the year 2011 we’ll celebrate in France, at the 20th Vendôme Film Festival from 2nd to 9th of December. Festival showcasing about 200 short and feature films – also known as one of the first film events dedicated to the regional film production – will present the Croatian animation programme featuring a great compilation of Croatian artists: Nicole Hewitt, Ana Hušman, Michaela Müller, Danijel Šuljić, David Peroš Bonnot, Simon Bogojević Narath, Veljko Popović, Svjetlan Junaković, Marko Meštrović, Dalibor Barić and Tom Jantol.

Carte blanche was given to Bonobostudio producer Vanja Andrijević, who selected a program of 11 animated films made in the past 15 years in Croatia.

Let us repeat: Croatian animation is one of the few Croatian (film) brands with a creative continuity from the Zagreb School of Animated Film (mid 50ies). That is supported by many grand prizes from the established animation festivals and frequent invitations for Croatian animated film retrospectives.

Film compilation for Vendôme is an excellent opportunity to continue with a good tradition. Yes, we can say: top animation from Croatia is always a well seen guest at the film festivals abroad.

duration: 82'44''
date: December 6th 2011

In/dividu, Nicole Hewitt, 1999, 07:50
The Cake, Danijel Šuljić, 1997, 07:50
Soldier, David Peroš Bonnot, 2006, 04:30
Miramare, Michaela Müller, 2010, 08:00
Leviathan, Simon Bogojević Narath, 2006, 14:40
She Who Measures, Veljko Popović, 2008, 06:40
No Sleep Won't Kill You, Marko Meštrović, 2010, 09:00
New Hippie Future, Dalibor Barić, 2011, 04:04
Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident, Tom Jantol, 2009, 04:30
My Way, Veljko Popović, Svjetlan Junaković, 2010, 06:40
The Market, Ana Hušman, 2006, 09:00

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