Award for 3D Archeo 29

One of the first Croatian stereoscopic films, Archeo 29, won an award for the Best Short Film at the Beyond Festival.

Beyond Festival, a festival on the intersection of science, technology and art, took place this year from 14 to 18 of October in the German city of Karlsruhe under the banner The Dynamic Screen. Festival screened 50 shorts and feature films of all genres and types, presenting trends in the multiscope films and new modes of narrative they address.

The Beyond award for the best 3D short film went to the animated experimental film by Vladislav Knežević. Archeo 29 captures time before the big crisis in 1929, which makes it a very current today. The film won an Oktavijan Award for the best experimental film at the Croatian Film Days in 2010, and it was screened at more than 20 festivals internationally, including Jihlava (2011) and Oberhausen (2015).

Vladislav Knežević is at the moment successfully promoting his new film A.D.A.M (2014), which was awarded this year as the best 3D stereoscopic film at the BE FILM The Underground Film Festival in New York.

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