Animafest + Annecy

Two biggest animation festivals are approaching and Bonobostudio will be represented by 3 films!

The end of May and the beginning of June traditionally belongs to the worlds’ strongest animation film festivals Animafest and Annecy. People from all continents rush to Europe, to the Croatian capital Zagreb and small French village of Annecy, to preview the best of the season. This year Animafest starts on the 29th of May and ends on the 3rd of June, when everybody will run to Annecy and stay there from 4th to 9th of June.

We in Bonobostudio really have something to look forward to. Animafest’s Grand Competition presents a film by Simon Bogojević Narath Flower of Battle, and Grand Panorama features the film by Dalibor Barić New Hippie Future. Animafest knows Simon pretty well by now, so it is the right time to introduce Dalibor to our biggest Croatian festival.

Hippies and battles don’t usually mix well, so we’ll leave them in Zagreb and in the Short FilmCompetition at Annecy present newly finished Bulgarian Croatian German co-production Father. Film is composed out of five intimate stories about fathers, and one of them was directed and animated by Veljko  Popović.

We are really looking forward to the end of May, and we wish lots of luck also to our Croatian colleagues who will be joining us in the competitions at Annecy and Animafest!

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