A Sea of Prizes

Awards at Croatian Film Days, Tabor Film Festival and Fest Anča for Cyclists, Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night, How Steel Was Tempered and Musical Traumas!

This summer begun with a splash: Veljko Popović’s Cyclists won Oktavijan Prize for the Best Croatian Animated Film at Croatian Film Days (June 16 – 20) and Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night by Davor Sanvincenti won the same award in the Experimental Competition. The best Croatian experimental film won over the jury at Tabor Film Festival this weekend (July 5 – 8), where it was awarded with a Special Mention. The Jury Mention also went to fantastic animated film about workers and factories, How Steel Was Tempered by Igor Grubić.

If you don’t know it yet – go check it out; Fest Anča (June 28 – July 1) is one fantastic festival of animated film and it’s taking place in Slovakian town of Žilina. We are very happy that this year’s Special Mention went to Musical Traumas by Miloš Tomić! This is the first prize for Miloš’s film. It was presented in the World Panorama at Animafest Zagreb and it will be screened at Supertoon, Anibar and Countryside Animafest Cyprus in the following weeks. Musical Traumas show author’s fascination with musical schools, featuring funny and less funny interviews/traumas from their former students.  

That is it for now! We hope that we’ll have more good news to share this summer!

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