A Brief Excursion wins Pula Film Festival

Bravo for the director, producer and co-script writer Igor Bezinović!

We are very proud and happy that the Grand Prix from the oldest Croatian festival – Pula Film Festival – goes to A Brief Excursion by Igor Bezinović! Grand Golden Arena for Best Film was granted by a five-member jury, and this is their explanation: “An inspired and modern existentialistic allegory, which keeps unobtrusively growing from frame to frame. Like the protagonists of Bezinović’s film, who decide to go on an adventure to search for the old Gradina, where rare beauty is supposedly hidden, the viewer who decides to delve into this film will be met with distinctive, broad understanding. A skilful crossover of fictional and documentary elements, upgrading the concrete with the abstract, and real with the surreal.” Grand Golden Arena is received by the film’s producer so we congratulate Igor Bezinović on receiving an award in person on stage, in the grand Arena of Pula!

A Brief Excursion also won a prize for best sound design. Golden Arena goes to Martin Semenčić “For truthful and wholesome sound design in this valuable film. Everything you hear in A Brief Excursion – each whirr, music, dialogue – is done with rarely seen subtlety, in complete harmony with all of the other elements of the film.”

It is an old custom to present the main Pula prize at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival – so we guess we see you in Dubrovnik! 

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