In the Beginning of Time...

Božidar Trkulja

stop animation

year: 2012

format: HD
duration: 10'

production: Bonobostudio
distribution: Bonobostudio

A large threat is menacing the village. The mythical demon Garmah – half squid, half bird – has awoken and brings utmost darkness...

More about the film

In the beginning of time, in an African-like village where the people believed in various wonders, the tribe shaman, disturbed by the vision of the mythical monster’s coming, chooses a young warrior who needs to go to the end of the world and find the White Girl, the only one who can help him conquer the demon and defeat eternal darkness.

The journey is uncertain, time is scarce and the village shaman is talkative.

director, script, design: Božidar Trkulja
animation: Dina Rončević
puppets, sets, additional design and animation: Ivana Bošnjak, Thomas Johnson
supervision and editing: Simon Bogojević Narath
music: Vladimir Sokačić, Božidar Trkulja
sound design and mix: Hrvoje Radnić
voices: Marko Dimić, Vladimir Sokačić, Božidar Trkulja, Ivana Vlašić
compositing and special effects: Goran Mitrović
producer: Vanja Andrijević


  • Best Regional Film Award, Kratkofil Plus 2012
  • Best Film in Balkan Competition, Anibar 2012


Days of Croatian Film; Tabor Film Festival; Kratkofil Plus; Supertoon; Opuzen Film Festival; Anibar; Animanima; Anifest Rozafa; KROK; Se-Ma-For Film Festival; Tindirindis; Olympia Int'l Film Festival; Animateka Ljubljana; Corfu Animation Festival; Golden Kuker; River Film Festival; Leiden Int'l Short Film Experience; Outbox Film Festival Beirut; SICAF Seoul; St.Petersburg International Festival Beginning; Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Bristol; Primanima Festival of New Animations; Landshut Short Film Festival; VAFI Int'l Children and Youth Festival

TV broadcast:

Klasik TV

Božidar Trkulja (Zagreb, 1975) has been working as journalist, editor, film critic, comic book critic and columnist since 1997. He has written numerous articles and reviews focusing specially to animated film, his primary field of interest. He also writes music reviews for Croatian weekly and monthly publications. During the last ten years he has made several hundred artworks, held a few notable exhibitions and participated in several art colonies. In the Beginning of Time... is his first film.