X Tape

Dragan Mileusnić, Željko Serdarević

experimental film

year: 2015

format: HD, DCP
duration: 8'45"

production: Kinoklub Zagreb
distribution: Bonobostudio

A procession of female and male bodies ascends and descends a staircase surrounded by blackness. The characters gradually start interacting by touching each other and filling up the screen to the point of saturation, where the borders between individual figures disappear.


More about the film

Directors and scriptwriters: Dragan Mileusnić, Željko Serdarević
Camera and editing: Dragan Mileusnić
Music: Mladen Đikić, Željko Serdarević
Sound design: Ivan Zelić
Masks: Rastko Stefanović
Producer: Vedran Šuvar

Dragan Mileusnić (1967) and Željko Serdarević (1965) have been collaborators since 2003, working in the fields of design, publishing and video. They have directed documentary and experimental shorts and music videos and worked as video-designers in stage productions by Tomaž Pandur, Nacho Duato and André Heller.


X Tape (2015), Deaf Bell (2011), Unseen Art (2010), Matrice Helvetice (2007), White Film (2006)


  • Award for Best Editing, Kratki na brzinu - Revue of Croatian Short Films 2016


Days of Croatian Film (23/4-26/4/2015)
Kratki na brzinu - Revue of Croatian Short Films (12/5-15/5/2016)
Proceso de Error - Experimental International Video Festival (23/6-24/6/2016)
INVIDEO Festival (17/11-20/11/2016)
Festival Les Instants Vidéo (10/11-20/11/2016)
Festival Tous Courts (28/11-3/12/2016)
Bogoshorts Bogotá Short Film Festival (6/12-13/12/2016)
Alternative Film Video Festival (7/12-11/12/2016)
March Festival – Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival (30/3-2/4/2017)