Ana Hušman

experimental film

year: 2013

format: HD
duration: 23'

production: Pangolin
distribution: Bonobostudio

The film is based on a text book for learning Croatian as a foreign language "Croatian in Conversation", published in 1968. This book is aimed mainly at the Croatian diaspora and concerns the visit of an emigree family to Croatia in order to introduce their children to their “heritage”.


More about the film

film by: Ana Hušman
director of photography: Ivan Slipčević
editing: Iva Kraljević
music: Tomislav Domes, Nenad Romić
sound design: Tomislav Domes
costumes: Oliver Juralić, Maja Krišković
producer: Ana Hušman

The curriculum for teaching Croatian as a foreign language emphasises the use of role play, drama, expressive reading, staging fairy tales, and reading and writing postcards. Combined with a textbook for learning Croatian as a foreign language and postcards sent from the United States to Croatia, these teaching methods become starting points for improvised situations performed by professional and amateur actors.

Ana Hušman - born in Zagreb 1977. She studied multimedia and art education department graduating in 2002 from the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, Croatia where she now works at the Department for animated film and new media. She exhibits regularly at solo and group exhibitions, and her films have been screened at many international film festivals and received a number of awards.


Almost Nothing (2016), Postcards (2013); Football (2011); Lunch (2008); The Market (2006); Home (2003); Meršpajz (2003); for 2 (2003); Daily Progress (1999)


25FPS Festival (26/9-29/9/2013)
Alternative Film Video (10/12-14/12/2013)
Dortmund Cologne International Women's Film Festival (8/4-13/4/2014)
Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque (14/4-20/4/2014)
Days of Croatian Film (22/4-27/4/2014)
Tabor Film Festival (10/6-15/6/2014)
Kratkofil Plus (23/7-27/7/2014)
Short Shorts Film Festival Mexico (4/9-10/9/2014)
Vox Feminae Festival (10/11-14/11/2014)
FLEX – Florida Experimental Film and Video Festival (19/2-22/2/2015)